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QuickCopy v2.00B -- Great file handler and ZIP manager.
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QuickCopy v2.00B — Great file handler and ZIP manager.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

QuickCopy v2.00

This easy file handler will perform many handy operations.
QuickCopy allows you to tag files using an easy interface then perform
various functions on the tagged files. Some of the operations are Move,
Copy, Delete, Compress, and Uncompress.
QuickCopy also features an 'Auto-Fit' mode where QuickCopy will
automatically ask for a new disk when the current disk being copied to is
full. Example, say you tag 3 megs of files you like to back up now normally
that would not fit on a normal disk. So you would have to use a file
manager and select and copy then select and copy, over and over again.
With QuickCopy you just Copy the files and when the current disk is full
QuickCopy will ask for a new disk until all tagged files have been copied.
The compress command allows you to easily tag files with various
names and extensions easily then compress using the ZIP format. The
uncompress command is also handy. Example - You have five zip files and
each one must be on a separate disk. Easy, just tag the five zip files
choose uncompress and when each zip file is done QuickCopy will ask for
a new disk.
QuickCopy has many other great features, to many to list in a
README! So if your on-line reading this just download it. I'm sure you
will find it a handy tool for some file managing task it can perform if
not all of it's commands.

GETTING STARTED: First uncompress the QuickCopy ZIP
to a directory in your PATH statement
located in your AUTOEXEC.BAT. If
unsure copy files into your DOS directory
which is usually in your path statement.
After this your all set.
HELP: For help on using QuickCopy run QCOPY with the /H
parameter. At the DOS prompt type QCOPY /H.

- 4DOS support using the file descriptions.
- Additional compression formats (user installable)
- Better 'Auto-Fit' interface with more options
- Addition of 'Auto-Fit' to the Move command
- Custom setup (colors, options, etc.)
- and much, much more!


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