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PTOUCH Version 1.2 May 1988 Shareware by: Norm Patriquin

PTOUCH Scans the files matching the input file specification and
sets the date and time values as desired. Use it to reset incorrectly
set dates in files.

See documentation for Patriquin's PCOPY for more details about how
command parameters work.

No fee is asked for use of this utility. If you like this utility
consider some even better ones available from Patriquin's BBS,
CompuServe, or other fine BBS systems.

Command: PTOUCH file_spec [switches (below)]
file_spec = Just like DOS copy command

/T = Test command parameters. Don't actually process files

*** if /N or /I are not specified, current date and time used ***
/N:mm/dd/yy or mm-dd-yy or ddmmmyy = New date to assign
/I:hh:mm = New time to assign (24 hour clock)

/D: [(] [)] [=] days/date = Select based on date or days
/F:filename = First - Start when this file found in directory scan
/L:filename = Last - Stop after this file is processed
/A = DOS Archive. Process files updated since last backup
/M = More. Stop at end of each screen of output
/P = Pause before each file is processed. Ask of OK

Reset the date in all files having the year 1980 to the new
date 01 Jan 84.

PTOUCH *.* /D:(31dec81 /n:01jan84 /i:12:59


Direct any questions, problems, or enhancement ideas to:

Support BBS -- Patriquin's BBS
714-369-9766 (DATA)

Norm Patriquin
P.O. Box 8263
San Bernardino, CA 92412

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