Category : File Managers
Archive   : PS431.ZIP
Filename : DOSSORT.SPC

Output of file : DOSSORT.SPC contained in archive : PS431.ZIP


usage: PS /b DOSSORT /f [/f ]

This specification file similates the DOS SORT command.

Some of the additional benefits are:
1. File statistics are provided during and after the operation.
2. Directories are made if needed but not present.
3. Large files can be sorted (if RECORDS command is modified)
4. Wild cards can be used on input and/or output
Allows for multiple file processing (many-to-many files)
and many-to-one file merges.
Things that this specification file won't do:
1. Use concatenated files as input. (Wild Cards will work though)
2. The only wild cards recognized for output files are *.*

1. The command /pb must be in PS.CFG
2. Do not sort files onto themselves if using output wild cards.
SORT use/f to use/f/f
lrecl 100 vi . vo .,.
recs 500