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This is the packing list for PocketD Plus v3.1

32 Files

D .EXE The PocketD executable program
SETCOL .EXE Configure colors for D.EXE
MENUD .EXE Menu-driven front-end for D.EXE


INSTALL .BAT Install PocketD
README .BAT The easy way to read the documentation
DEMO .BAT A demonstration of D.EXE features


ARCVIEW .BAT View contents of files inside archives
BROWSE .BAT Directory/archive browser
DELBUT .BAT Delete all but filespec(s)
DELDIR .BAT Delete directory(s)
FD .BAT Find and enter directory
GO .BAT GOTO directory containing match
Q .BAT Quick directory select
TOUCH .BAT Touch Files
UNARC .BAT Unarchive archives each to its own subdirectory
WHEREIS .BAT Find file/dir
WHICH .BAT Find where program will run from


README .1ST Quick instructions
FILE_ID .DIZ Quick description for BBS
README .D Description of PocketD
10NIFTY .TXT 10 Nifty things you can do with PocketD
REVIEWS .TXT Quotes from Reviews of PocketD
WHATSNEW.TXT New features since v1.67
NETWORK .TXT PocketD and Networks
GENERAL .TXT General documentation
VENDOR .TXT Vendor/BBS Sysop information
REGISTER.TXT Registration information
D .GDE On-line guide
D .HLP On-line 1 page help
D .MAN On-line manual
PACKING .LST This file