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PIK is a front-end program for any program or command on your PC that requires a filename on the command line.
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PIK is a front-end program for any program or command on your PC that requires a filename on the command line.
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Contents of the PIK.DOC file

Documentation for PIK version 1.10
Copyright (C) 1990 by Kenneth R. Casey, Jr. All Rights Reserved



SPELLBOUND! Software is a small company which produces shareware in
many forms. We require that if you continue to use PIK after 5 days, you
must send the small amount of $5.00 for its use. This registers you for
all future updates of the program. To get the most recent version of the
program when you register, send $10.00 to:


P.O. Box 158
Shepherd, MI 48883

Those who send $10.00 will also receive preregistered versions of the
following SPELLBOUND! Products:

BothSides -- Prints text files of ANY pagination scheme to BothSides
of printer paper and optionally prints title and page number to bottom
of each page. Normal Fee: $10.00

Floormat -- Fake C: Format prank. Many unique features make this the
cruelest prank around. Allows you to leave a message to your victim
and traps CTRL-ALT-DEL, substituting a reboot sequence of its own.
Normal Fee: $5.00

BabyDraw -- Drawing game for children from 2 to 102. Has baby mode
with random drawing when any "illegal" key is pressed. Literally
hours of fun for children and adults. Customization for each child is
available at reasonable rates. Normal Fee: $5.00

There may not be available, a version later than the one you have! If
you have a modem, you can call the Mainstream Computers BBS at 1-517-463-
8474. They will always have the very latest versions of all SPELLBOUND!
Software products, and registration for the board is free and friendly!

Installation of PIK is very simple. For best results, just copy
the file, PIK.EXE into a directory which has been included in your PATH
environment variable. The PATH environment variable is usually set when
you boot your computer. There should be a line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file
in the root directory of your boot drive which says something like: PATH
C:\UTIL;C:\DOS. This is your path statement. In this case, you could copy
the two files into C:\UTIL. This way, you could run PIK from
anywhere on your system by just typing "PIK".
In addition, you must also have the PKWare utility PKZIP.EXE in your
PATH as well. PIK calls upon PKZIP.EXE to create the ZIP file when you
marked files to be "zipped". PKZIP.EXE is available on almost all Bulletin
Boards and from nearly every shareware distribution service. The most
recent version as of this writing is PKZ110.EXE, which is a self-extracting
ZIP format file containing all of PKWare's ZIP file utilities.
ZIP files are files ending with the extension ".ZIP" which have been
compressed by the utility PKZIP.EXE. This utility compresses files to an
average of half their original size for storage or for transfer my modem.


PIK is a very useful utility which allows you to pick files from the
standard DOS "DIR" display to mark for Deleting, Copying, Moving or
Zipping into a Zip format compressed file.
How many times have you typed "DIR" to examine the contents of a
directory and seen several files which should be moved, deleted, or stored
for later use in ZIP format. The commands necessary to accomplish the task
could take some time. By typing "PIK", you can select the files upon which
to perform the necessary operation right from the display left behind by
the "DIR" command. Once the files have been marked, you just press ENTER
and you are on your way to finishing the task!


SYNTAX: PIK [Option]
...where "Option" can be any of: COPY, MOVE, DEL, ERASE, ZIP. If
"Option" is not specified, you will be asked to select an option when the
program starts.

To use the program, just type DIR and a filespec to display the files
from which you wish to pick. You MUST be in the directory which contains
the files displayed on the screen. For best performance, put PIK.EXE into
a directory which is in your PATH so that it may be run from anywhere.

Once the files have been displayed on the screen, just type PIK and
press ENTER. You will see 3 lines of information appear at the bottom of
the screen. Use the arrow keys to highlight the desired operation and
press ENTER when the desired operation is highlighted. Now move the
highlight bar over the file names, pressing the spacebar to mark the files
upon which you wish to perform the selected operation. The program first
checks to see if the file exists in the current directory before marking.
On a floppy disk, this can be quite slow, but on a hard disk this will be
Once all of the desired files have been marked, press ENTER to perform
the DEL, COPY, MOVE or ZIP. If the files are to be deleted, you will be
asked to confirm the deletion. If the files are to be MOVEd or COPYd, you
will be asked to specify a destination directory. Do NOT specify the same
directory, as while many precautions have been taken to prevent it, there
is a chance that the original files will be corrupted.
If ZIPping the files, you will be asked for a ZIP file name into which
to compress the files, and then asked whether to [A]dd the files to the ZIP
file or [M]ove them into it. (Moving deletes the files after successfully
adding to the ZIP file. If the move was unsuccessful, the deletion will
not occur.)
As the files are processed, the right side of the screen will confirm
the operation on each file. When deleting files, the first character of
the filename will be changed to ASCII 229 "" which is the same character
DOS uses to mark a file as deleted in the directory. This is a concession
to a neurotic friend of SPELLBOUND! Software, Jim Olson, sysop of the
Mainstream BBS. Neat huh?

You are granted a limited license to use the program for 5 days. If
after 5 days, you continue to use the program, you MUST register to
continue to use it. If you do not register, you may give copies to friends
and upload it to bulletin boards, but you must not continue to make use of
the program.
If you use the program and enjoy it, send the $5.00. If you fail to
send the $5.00, you will fall into the snare of the SPELLBOUND! Software
Super Duper New and Improved, All Purpose Shareware curse. When we at
SPELLBOUND! decided to come up with our own curse, we looked in the yellow
pages for a "medium". Although it seems like a contradiction in terms,
they are very "rare", so we had to settle for a "Weldon". Weldon is not a
medium -- but his rates were reasonable. (We think Weldon IS a little
"Well done" due to forgetting to close the microwave door one too many
times.) He agreed to do the job for mentioning his name in this
documentation. This is what he was able to come up with...

SPELLBOUND! Software's Super Duper, New and Improved, All Purpose Shareware
by Weldon
(He never said we had to mention his last name!)

...your pickup blow a head gasket,
...your toilet back up,
...your shrubbery turn brown,
...your boomerang not return
...your spouse become a Hare Krishna
...your dog mistake your leg for a hydrant
...your mother in law move in, permanently develop the following maladies:

prickly heat
the heartbreak of psoriasis
painful warts

And worst of all...

May the most annoying man in America do a show from your
livingroom on:

"Users who secretly refuse to register shareware and the mothers
who raised them. One person reveals the whole sordid story 'I
refused to register PIK' -- next Geraldo"

Can you imagine how cheaply we're letting you off? You could run up
thousands of dollars in medical, psychiatric, plumbing, auto repair, dry
cleaning, and dental costs, the legal costs of deprogramming your spouse...
and BOOMERANG REPAIR! (Do you know how hard it is to find an HONEST
boomerang repairman? Yet they keep getting return business?! I got so
frustrated with ours I tried to throw it away. I gave up after 3 hours.)

$5.00 can save you all this heartache!

Please complete and send the following form to register your purchase. No
support can be offered unless you are registered with the author.


1 copy -- $5.00
2-10 copies $4.00
11-20 copies $3.00
20 and up $2.00

| Registration Form for PIK Version 1.10 |
| |
| |
| Name:_________________________________________________________________ |
| |
| Address: _____________________________________________________________ |
| |
| City: _____________________________ State: ______ Zip: _____________ |
| |
| I am registering PIK for use on _____ computers. (See rate shedule above |
| for pricing.) |
| |
| Please send the latest version available. (Enclose $5.00 extra) |
| Check: 3.5"_____ 5.25"_____ |
| |
| Michigan residents add 4% sales tax |
| Total enclosed: ________ |
| |
| Send To: SPELLBOUND! Software |
| P.O. Box 158 |
| Shepherd, MI 48883 |
| |
| Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. |
| |
| Comments:______________________________________________________________ |
| |
| _______________________________________________________________________ |
| |
| _______________________________________________________________________ |
| |

Send To:

P.O. Box 158
Shepherd, MI 48883

Do it BEFORE your spouse has to go to the airport, or Geraldo has another
slow week!

Those who register PIK may receive telephone support. If you discover
any undocumented "features" (bugs), please let us know. We may be
contacted at: 1-(517)-828-6520 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
When you call, have the contents of AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, the names of
any TSRs, (memory-resident programs) you may have in memory while running
PIK. It would help if you had the program running and the phone near the
computer so that we could talk through the problem.

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