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PCWand is a that can be used for file and directory management, such as copying/deleting files, creating/deleting directories, and getting drive system information.
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PCWand is a that can be used for file and directory management, such as copying/deleting files, creating/deleting directories, and getting drive system information.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

Version 1.0 - Initial release

Version 1.1 - Fixed bug on Change Directory and Quit that would cause the
program to crash.
- Re-designed the format of the help screen where the help
information is displayed on the side opposite the active
window. Also made the ESCape key the only key with which the
user may leave HELP.
- Fixed bug in Remove Directory option preventing the
program from crashing when trying to remove a directory that
still had files in it.
- Added Print Directory (Alt-P) option, which sends a DOS DIR-like
directory listing to the default printer device.
- Modified File Attributes option so directories may also be
worked with.
- Modified the Print File option to allow printing to be
- Fixed several minor bugs in the Change Directory function which
allowed changing to a directory that was already active in the
other window.
- Fixed bug which caused problems when removing the left window
(if it was inactive); information for the newly created window
was appearing inside the active window instead.
- Added directory tree window to the Change Path function to
allow users to see the directory structure (and pick a
directory from that), rather than blindly typing in a
directory name.
- Removed .TPM (map) files from the list of unprintable files.

Version 1.2 - Made changes allowing the user to place the trailing \ in
the last position of the environment for the PCWAND
environment variable. If it is not, the program will add
- Add Reverse Toggle (Alt-F6) function. This function reverses
the current toggle condition of all files in the current window.
- Added Wildcard Tag function. This function allows the
user to tag files with a WildCard mask. It uses the standard
DOS wildcard characters.
- Added Change Default FileMask function. Allows the user to
change the default filespec PCWand uses when searching a disk
for files.
- Made changes allowing graceful handling of disks/directories
having no files.
- Fixed bugs in the delete file functions that caused the
program to crash when trying to delete READ ONLY files.

Version 1.3 - Fixed bug in the Shell to DOS function which did not allow
the program to reset back to the proper mode after returning
from the shell.
- Added default file mask to the configuration program.
- Added default file attributes to the configuration program.
- Directories can be renamed.
- The Print file function now works with tagged files as well
as the one hilighted by the cursor.
- Added a function (extension to ALT-R) to remove all sub-
directories and files that are beneath the directory hilighted
by the cursor. Be sure a directory needed to be deleted is
not the current the current DOS directory.

Version 1.4 - Added a function (CTRL-R) to re-read the active window's
- When using the DOS Command (ALT-X) function, pressing F10 will
automatically add the current filename to the command line,
while Shift F10 adds the current path plus the filename.
- Added a function (ALT-F1) to use the LIST.COM program to view
the PCWAND.DOC file (must be in same directory as PCWand).
- COLORS!!!! Added the ability to use colors 8 through 15 for
background colors (set using the CONFIG.EXE utility).
- Corrected the rename function bug that would even ALLOW the user
to attempt to rename the current (.) or parent (..) directory
entries within a window.
- Did some basic code housekeeping, and cut some 6500 bytes from
the size of the executable file.

Version 1.5 - Added an Attribute Toggle (CTRL-SPACE) function. This allows
the user to tag files based on any combination of the ARCHIVE,
HIDDEN, READ ONLY, and SYSTEM file attributes.
- Corrected color problem when returning from the View PCWAND.DOC
command (ALT-F1) not restoring the colors if the backgrounds
are higher than 7 (LIGHTGRAY).

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