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Change directories via menu selection.
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Change directories via menu selection.
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PCD2 - PopChDir version 2.0

PopChDir is a utility to change the active subdirectory using menus instead
of recalling and typing path names. To be most effective, it should be
placed in the root directory and given a short name such as ND.COM ND could
thus be used instead of the DOS command CD.

When PopChDir is run, it presents a menu of subdirectories available from
the current active directory. In all but the root directory, these include

. DOS shorthand for the current directory, and
.. which always means the parent directory, i.e. the
next higher directory in the DOS tree structure .

The first item in the menu will be highlighted. You may move the highlight
to any entry with the up and down arrow keys, or the space bar. When you
have highlighted the directory you want, press ENTER. PopChDir will change
the active directory and present a new menu of choices. When you reach the
directory you want, press Esc and the program will end, leaving the screen
upchanged except for a message identifying the new current directory. If
you are unsure if a directory contains the program you want, select "."
(i.e. the current directory) and the program will display a complete list of
files. To return (or move) to a higher level in the tree, select .. (i.e.
the parent directory. To get a quick summary of instructions, press "?" .

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