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Completely deletes file(s) from disk, cannot be unerased after the fact.
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Completely deletes file(s) from disk, cannot be unerased after the fact.
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Contents of the NUKE.DOC file

Version 1.11
(C) 1988, 1989 by Charles Martin Hannum II

PURPOSE: To erase files completely, including the directory
entry, so that they cannot be reconstructed later.
NUKE first writes binary 0's to the file, then 1's, for
the number of cycles specified. NUKE then writes a
random value and erases the directory entry.

SYNTAX: NUKE [d:][path]filename.ext ... [/GNLPTV|/Cn]

SWITCHES: /Cn Use n cycles for nuking
/G Use government specifications (3 cycles)
/L Log mode (unused; reserved for future use)
/N Non-nuke mode; erase only
/P Pause at end of page
/T Terse mode; display final statistics only (implies
Automatic mode)
/V Verify mode; confirm each file

COMMENTS: Hidden, System, and Read-Only files are confirmed in
all modes.

Multiple filespecs are allowed.

If a directory entry is specified, you will be asked
whether or not to nuke (or delete) the files in that
directory, even in Terse and Automatic modes.

There are four valid responses to a file or directory

Y Yes, delete file or files in this directory
(In the case of a directory, you will still
be prompted for each file if you are in
Verify mode)

N No, skip this file or directory

A Yes, and all other files or all files in THIS

Q No, and quit (abort) the program

Conflicting options are resolved by using the last one
on the command line.

NOTE: If you like and use this program (or NUKE/V), I request
a small registration fee of $25, which covers both
programs. Send all registrations to:

Charles M. Hannum II
P.O. Box 278
Henryville, PA 18332

Upon registration, you will receive a unique user
identification number. You will also get free support
over the telephone (at the number which I will provide
to registered users), and be notified of bug fixes,
enhancements, etc. I urge you to register so that I
can continue to support this product. Please allow 4-6
weeks for delivery. Invoices are available on request.
Thank you.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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