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Allows exclusions for other commands (ex. no *.exe del *.*).
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Allows exclusions for other commands (ex. no *.exe del *.*).
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Contents of the NO.DOC file

NO.COM excludes specified files in a subdirectory from a specific action.

FORMAT: NO filespec Command [parameter]

NO.COM is designed for situations in which you want to apply a command
such as DELETE or COPY to all the files in a directory except one or two
files. Example:

NO *.BAS COPY *.* A:

copies all the files in your current subdirectory to drive A:, except for
those that have a .BAS extension. To exclude more than one file (or
catagory) you must use a separate NO command for each file on the command
line. Example: NO *.ASM NO *.COM DEL *.*. NO.COM operates by temporarily
setting the "hidden" attribute bit to "ON" to exclude specified files from
the command line action, then "unhides" the files after the action is com-
pleted. DO NOT USE with BACKUP or RESTORE.

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