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Deletes *.BAK, 0k files, or others as selected, across subdirectories. Includes full C source code.
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Deletes *.BAK, 0k files, or others as selected, across subdirectories. Includes full C source code.
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Contents of the NJTIDY.DOC file

Nifty James' Famous Disk Tidier

Version 3.00
Copyright (C) 1987-1989 by Mike Blaszczak

This program is designed for the hard disk user who finds that he has
many backup or null files on his disk at the end of each work

The program is run simply by typing NJTIDY with the program on the
current command path. NJTIDY will find all the subdirectories on the
currend disk and will remove all *.BAK files, as well as any files
that have a length of zero.

NJTIDY displays the name of each file as it is deleted. NJTIDY will
also display a summary of files that it has erase, as well as a total
showing how much disk space was freed.

This program is a work of Shareware. REDISTRIBUTING IT FOR PROFIT
be registered with its author for $10, or whatever the user deems

--------------------- Version 2.00

Firstoff, I fixed the spelling.

Michael Murphee, who this program was originally written for, pointed
out the fact that the program didn't delete zero-length files in the
root directory. That was a logic error on my part, and I've fixed

I've made the program slightly faster, and that's always desirable.

Also, upon request from a user in the IBMSIG EXCHANGE on The SOURCE,
I added another feature to the program. If you enter any words on
the command line after NJTIDY, the program will search for files with
those extensions and delete them.

As a programmer, I often end up with many useless .MAP files lying
about. So, I use


and that tells NJTIDY to delete all *.BAK files, as well as all *.MAP
files. You can not specify wildcards in the file extension here, but
you can list up to 64 extensions to search for.

Additionally, you can give NJTIDY a disk drive specifier to have the
program tidy that drive. For example, to clean up on the A: drive,


You can use the extensions and disk drive specifier in any order.
The only restriction is that the specifier must contain the colon,
and there must only be one specifier on a line. So,


is functional, as is


I hope that you find NJTIDY useful!

--------------------- Version 2.10

I added an option, /P, to cause the program to prompt the user if the
file should really be deleted or not. If the user enters Q, for
quit, the program exits and prints a status report.

Without the /P option, the program works as normal. The /P option
may appear anywhere on the command line.

--------------------- Version 3.00

Some combinations of zero-byte files caused NJTIDY to freeze in its
tracks. The program has been fixed. Also, the /P option did not
work on some computer systems; this too has been repaired.

NJTIDY now uses proper grammar when reporting the total number of
files deleted and bytes freed.

Mike "Nifty James" Blaszczak
35 Ginger Lane #229
East Hartford, CT 06118

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