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Nickl V2.0 Menu including other utilities.
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Nickl V2.0 Menu including other utilities.
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Contents of the NICKL.DOC file

NICKL Menu System

Version 2.0

(pronounced 'Nickel')

Users' Manual

Copyright (C) 1987 by C.K. Ingram

NICKL Menu Version 2.0


Introduction.................................. 2

Installation.................................. 2

Loading....................................... 2

Creating / Editing Menus...................... 3

Key Commands.................................. 4

Revision History.............................. 4

Registration.................................. 5

Site License.................................. 5

Page 2 NICKL Menu Version 2.0


The NICKL Menu System was written and developed for use by the author. As I
finished the program I decided to place it in the public domain. It is a
simple menu system to learn, the only requirement is that you have a basic
knowledge of how to create and edit a DOS batch file.

NICKL should run on just about any system, including the PC jr. It runs on
DOS version 2.+ and requires a minimum of 128k. It works fine on a floppy
based system (with the clever use of linking batch files), but was designed
primarily for use on a hard disk based system.

NICKL is distributed with the following files.

NICKL.COM The NICKL program.
NICKL.DOC Users' Manual - this file.
NICKLMNU.BAT The Batch file used to execute NICKL.
NICKL_MN.BAT The Main Menu data file.
NICKL_F6.BAT The F4 Sub Menu data file.
NICKL_BL.BAT A blank menu data file.
MENU.BAT A Batch file to start up NICKL from root DIR.
README.20 A special file detailing changes to version 2.0


To install Nickl you must first create a 'NICKL' directory and then copy all
of the files contained in the NICKL.ARC file into the directory. To do this
perform the following commands at a DOS prompt:

C>Copy NICKL*.* C:\NICKL\*.*

Next, if you wish to have NICKL run automatically upon booting your system,
then add the following lines to the end your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:



If you have done as directed above then all you have to do now is either
re-boot your system () or change to the ROOT directory and
enter the command MENU. That's all there is to it. NICKL comes configured to
run without modification on just about any system. This way you can see what
its like and get a feel for it prior to creating and editing your own menus.
Try it now.

Page 3 NICKL Menu Version 2.0


Below is a sample Menu definition file showing what all is contained in the

4 Number of options to display
[------------------------------] Graphic display of menu title length
Menu Title Menu title
[-------------------------] Graphic display of menu option length
Procomm Option 1 heading
Format a Diskette Option 2 heading
Lotus 1-2-3 Option 3 heading
DOS Utilities Sub-Menu Option 4 heading
Option 5 heading
Option 6 heading
Option 7 heading
Option 8 heading
Option 9 heading
Option 10 heading
[-------------------------] Graphic display of menu option length
echo off Used by DOS
cls Used by DOS
goto %1 Used by DOS

:F1 Used by DOS
cd\procomm Change to PROCOMM directory
procomm Execute PROCOMM

:F2 Used by DOS
format A:/s Format a diskette in drive A: w/DOS

:F3 Used by DOS
cd\lotus Change to the LOTUS directory
lotus Execute LOTUS

:F4 Used by DOS
rem Not needed - Sub-menu option

{:F5 Through :F10 would continue here.}

:END Used by DOS
CD\NICKL These last 2 commands return control
NICKLMNU x to NICKL Menu System
Where x = 1 to 0 (0 for 10) for
automatic sub menu re-entry.

Page 4 NICKL Menu Version 2.0

Under no condition should the first 16 lines be altered except for changing
the titles. To install a new option in a menu simply find the correct line
for the title and insert the description of your choice. Then move to the
correct label (i.e. :F1, :F2,:F3, ...) and then insert the commands needed to
run the option.

To create a new sub menu simply copy NICKL_BL.BAT to NICKL_XX.BAT, were XX
equals the function key used to access this menu. Using the format outlined
above insert the menu title, option titles, and option commands to create your
menu. Then in the NICKL_MN.BAT file add the corresponding option title. You
do not need to add any commands for execution. NICKL is smart enough to know
when you have created a sub menu and will load it automatically when the
function key is pressed.


F1 thru F10 Select corresponding option

Esc Return to Main menu from Sub menu

Q Exit to DOS from Main menu


1.0 Initial release.

1.1 Features added:

- Automatic return to sub-menu after execution of menu option.

- Status key status displayed (Caps, Num, and Ins).

- Available disk space displayed for drive C:. The initial read
takes a few seconds, but subsequent reads are instantaneous.

2.0 Features added:

- Redesigned adding a floating pointer for easy option access.

- The main title can now be personalized.

- The disk space indicator now displays available space on the
default drive, not just drive C:.

Page 5 NICKL Menu Version 2.0


I hope to be making future enhancements to NICKL Menu System, however, the
amount of time and money available to me will determine how soon enhancements
and releases will be made.

I you find the program of use and you end up using the program, then a
contribution is requested. The suggested amount is $15.00.

Please fill out the attached registration form and send to the indicated

Your support of this program will ensure that the quality is kept to a maximum
as well as to the continuing advancement of shareware and public domain
software in general.


If you are using this in a corporate environment you should consider obtaining
a site license for the use of NICKL Menu System. The site license is based on
the total number of computers on which NICKL will be used. The fee structure
is as follows:

1 - 5 copies $15.00 each
6 - 15 copies $13.50 each
16 - 25 copies $12.00 each
26 - 50 copies $10.50 each
51+ copies $550.00 one time fee (this provides unlimited
within you corporation.)

If you register for an unlimited (51+ copies) site license and would like
NICKL Menu customized in any way for your individual application then please
state so when you register and list how you would like it customized. I will
make every attempt do fulfill your wish and send you your customized version.
This may include, but is not limited to, having your companies name
hardcoded into NICKL. Please provide your telephone number so that I may
contact you if I have any questions.

NICKL Menu System Registration Form
Version 2.0 October 1987

I wish to register my copy of NICKL Menu System. I have enclosed my check
payable to "C.K. Ingram" for $15.00 for each copy (see Site License
section for prices in excess of 5). Below you will find my personal 'wish
list' of desired future enhancements.

Send to: C.K. Ingram
21217-32 E. Washington Street
Walnut, CA 91789

Enclosed, please find a check for $__________ to cover the registration of
______ copies of NICKL Menu System.

Name: ____________________________________________________________




Phone #:____________________________________________________________






Wish List:__________________________________________________________





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