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Move files.
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Move files.
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MV is a move utility which will move a file from one path to
another. This might result in changing the file's name,
directory, or device. This move utility will accept wild card
characters for source files and will allow moving a file to a
to a path name of an existing file. If desired MV will prompt
before deleting any files that might exist in the target
path. The syntax for MV is:

mv filespec1 filespec2 ..... filespecn target [/p]

The target must be last and be a unique name (no wild cards).
Any number of source file specifications can be present. They
can be in different directories, devices, and include
wild card specifications. If the target is a file as opposed
to a directory then there can be only one source file. MV is
similar to the rename program and can be used instead of
"rename", the difference is that it will also copy files when
needed and do multiple operations. Some examples appear

mv *.old d:\test\*.bak ..\test.* a: /p
move all *.old files in the current directory, all *.bak
in d:\test, and all test.* files in the parent directory
to drive a:. (note the /p option can appear anywhere)

mv test.txt test.old
rename test.txt to test.old

mv *.exe \bin
move all *.exe files to the \bin directory

When moving files MV will delete any existing target files.
If you want to be prompted before this happens use the /p

Problems should be forwarded to:

Orville T. Stoll III
C/O ANAHUG Fido or

3920 Gilman ave
Long Beach, Ca 90815

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