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DIR Command replacement - displays DIR in different format.
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DIR Command replacement – displays DIR in different format.
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Contents of the D.DOC file

Saesoft International, Netherlands Message Center S0073Y
Post Office Box: 9179, Telex: Saesoft, 20010 PMS NL
3007 AD Rotterdam Holland. Telefax: Saesoft, +31 (10)4113888
Phone: +31 (10)4795892 PostBank PSTB NL 2A 5506405

This version of thedocumentation,software and copyright
supersedes all previous versions of the MY-D package.


Use of this program acknowledges thisdisclaimer of warranty:
"This program is supplied as is. Saesoft disclaims all warran-
ties, express or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness of this program for
any purpose. Saesoft assumes no liability for damages direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of or inability to
use this program. Even if Saesoft has been advised of the possi-
bility of such damages or any claim by any other party."

This program ( is freeware, you may use it inside or out-
side any environment, but it will remain property of Saesoft
International at all times.

MY-D is a commercial product of Saesoft Internationaland may
NEVER be sold, changed, modified in any way known orunknown,
NOT even with written permission from Saesoft, applying to the
executable(s), documentation and sub-related files or programs.

"Mate(s) it simply makes sense, make a backup..."

Usage: just like the normal DIR command, D/? will show you the
main help screen on board, /Pis supported, but /W isn't, to
pause the display, press the spacebar, any other key will let it
continue, pressing thespacebar again will result in a pause at
the next end of a full screen minus one line, the escape key
will abort the display immediately at any time.

W(hat) Y(ou) S(ee) I(s) W(hat) Y(ou) G(et)

NORTON 01-01-91 12:34p [00 .... ......]
filename ext 123,456 01-01-91 12:34a [56 a... ......]

Tasks using file
File-dir Fcb in use
Extension File open mode
Size / 7)th bit (Net)
Date (dd-mm-yy) 6)th bit attribute
Time S)ystem file
a=00:00-11:59 p=12:00-23:59 H)idden file
R)ead only file
Supersonic >D< FAST! A)rchive file
Seconds file

File open modes: 0=readok 1=writeok 2=read/writeok; a=nodeny b=noread/write
c=nowrite d=noread e=nodeny i=childprc

W(hat) Y(ou) S(ee) I(s) W(hat) Y(ou) G(et)

Directory of {e:/}C:\\NORTON [SAESOFT 3] Ser:16777215 Dsk:1234-5678

Disk serial number (3)
(D)OS serial number
Disk label
\\ = remote directory (2)
Original drive+path (1)

Due to the fact that some DOS versions do not support some func-
tions, MY-D may not always display all the information that it
supposed to.

(1) DOS versions 3.00 and up.
(2) DOS versions 3.10 and up.
(3) DOS versions 4.00 and up.

I am trying to get on the screen everything that can be found,
so if you don't see what you want to, let me know...

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