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MY-T-MENU version 2.5 hard disk menu system.
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MY-T-MENU version 2.5 hard disk menu system.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COLRTUNE.EXE 21906 11664 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 35762 17055 deflated
MENU.DOC 41417 14067 deflated
MMAINT.EXE 58476 25302 deflated
MTM.COM 1933 1103 deflated
MYTMENU.EXE 45478 22931 deflated
READ.ME 2018 1060 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

MY-T-MENU (C) Copyright 1989-1990 DVB Associates All Rights Reserved

This is a shareware software product. If you continue to use it, then
you MUST register as a user. The cost of registration is $35 and entitles
you to a year of updates and support, and allows you to collect a commission
of $10 for every copy registered with your unique serial number. For
details, please see the MENU.DOC file on the distribution diskette.

DVB Associates may not be held responsible for any damages resulting from
the use of this software. It is offered "as is", but has been very
thoroughly tested and is in use on our own hardware. If you have any doubts
about a copy of MY-T-MENU received from any source, we'll send you new copy
provided that you enclose $10 (check or money order only please) with your
request to cover costs for the disk, a mailer, and postage. If you decide to
register as a MY-T-MENU user, then you'll be credited the $10 toward your
registration fee.

The MY-T-MENU documentation, like the software itself, is protected by
U.S. copyright law. You may print as many copies for your own use as
desired, but may not duplicate it without our approval. The DOC file is a
simple ASCII file (with imbedded page ejects) and may be browsed with a text
editor, or with a file browser utility such as the BROWSE.COM program
distributed by Ziff-Davis Publishing on the PC MAGAZINE UTILITIES DISK.

Files on this disk are READ.ME, MTM.COM, MYTMENU.EXE, MENU.DOC,
you to conveniently install MY-T-MENU for the first time, or to upgrade from
Version 1.0 through 2.0 to Version 2.5. To install MY-T-MENU, Make sure the
MY-T-MENU disk is in Drive A: with the door closed, and type A:INSTALL at the
DOS prompt. The program will give you a running account as it proceeds
through the installation.

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