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MS-DOS Shell Version 1.6 INSTALL April 1990

MS-DOS SHELL - Copyright (c) 1990 Data Logic Limited and Charles Forsyth

This code is based on (in part) the shell program written by Charles
Forsyth and is subject to the following copyright restrictions:

1. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted
provided that the above copyright notice is duplicated in the
source form and the copyright notice in file sh6.c is displayed
on entry to the program.

2. The sources (or parts thereof) or objects generated from the
sources (or parts of sources) cannot be sold under any circumstances.

$Header: install 1.2 90/04/03 18:03:28 MS_user Exp $

$Log: install $
Revision 1.2 90/04/03 18:03:28 MS_user
Upgrade for 1.6

Revision 1.1 90/01/29 18:03:04 MS_user
Initial revision


To rebuild and install the shell, you should follow the following the

1) Load the include files in the include directory into the standard
location (\msc\include or equivalent). Read CHANGES file for the
additional definitions which are required in the standard Microsoft
5 include files and edit them in to the appropriate files.

We have standardised our MSDOS and Unix include files such that
the same include file exists our Unix system and MSDOS systems.
This makes porting a lot easier. If you don't want to edit the
standard include files, you will have to generate an new include
file for the shell and include it as the first include in all the
C sources for the additional library functions and the Shell itself

2) Modify the library function open so that the O_NOINHERIT flag is
passed to MSDOS by the library. This is not strictly necessary.
I did it using CodeView to see where the library function masks
the bottom three bits, noted the bytes around this location,
extracted the open function from the library, patched the mask
to be 0x83 instead of 0x03, and then replaced the function in the
library (Also see the Patch.Lib file).

3) Compile the library files in the directory /lib in large model mode
and add the objects to your large model library

cl -c -AL -Olt *.c

4) Build the shell, either using make or

cl -c -AL -Olt *.c
masm /Ml sh0.asm
link sh0+sh1+sh2+sh3+sh4+sh5+sh6+sh7+sh8+sh9+sh10/noi, sh.exe;

Note that the order is important. SH0.OBJ must be the first object
file in the load line.

Install the shell in its correct location.

5) Modify the initialisation file sh.ini for your edit key preferences.

6) Modify the scripts as appropriate for your installation and install
them in the correct directories.

7) Type "sh -0" and see what happens.

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