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Unix like move utility.
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Unix like move utility.
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Contents of the MOV.TXT file

[2J[0;44m MOV.EXE, Version 4.0, moves files across directories and drives with user
confirmation and/or checking to see if file exist at destination before moving
file(s). Written in MASM86. Small & FAST!!!
MOV.COM, v4.1, corrections/archive additions: Steve Hoglund, Wash DC 10/19/88.
Above the boxed line is the complete documentation for MOV.EXE by T. Dimeglio.
When I first used it, I found it didn't perform as the help screen advertised:

[0;1;44m Usage: MOV d:\source_path\source_filename(s) [d:\destination_path] [options]
where options are:
/B for brief (No check if file already at destination)
/Q for query (Prompt user before moving file)[0;44m

One undocumented feature of MOV: it can erase FOREVER any files in the current
directory. Unerase programs only restore a 0-byte file. When I ran SSCAN on
MOV.EXE, I found MANY error messages, suggesting other undocumented uses. You
may want to pursue these: see MOV.SCN. Using MOV.COM, type "mov" and you see:

[0;1;44m mov [d:][source_path]filespec d:destination_path [/B] [/Q]

Wildcards ok

mov... warns if filespec exists at d:dest
mov.../b just moves
mov.../q confirms AND warns
mov (no dest) warns, ERASES forever

More! MOV.SCN[0;44m P.S. RED.COM/RED.SCN are included. I bet MOV is SONOFRED...[0m

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