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UNIX-like utility for moving files.
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UNIX-like utility for moving files.
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DESCRIPTION: The MV command is used to move file(s).


If thesecond parameter is , then MV moves file1 into
file2 and deletes file1 (if file1 andfile2 are on the same
drive, then file1 is renamed asfile2). If thesecond parameter
is a directory,then file1 is moved into that directory, and the
originalfile1 is deleted. Thefirst parametermay be an MS-DOS
wild-card specification. In this case, all files matched will be
moved (copied and deleted) into the directory specified.

MV will never move a file ontoitself--an error message will
occur and the file will not be deleted. Also, do not MV a wild-
carded file1 onto a file2. Inthis case, only the first file
will be moved and an error message will occur.


MV a:/pmate.exe b:/bin
moves the pmate program to the binary directory of b:

MV *.exeb:/bin
moves all .EXE files to thebinary directory of b:

MV memo.mem sept28.mem
renames thefile memo.mem as sept28.mem

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