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Move It Over Here! Version 1.2 - utility that will find a file and then move it to your current directory.
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Move It Over Here! Version 1.2 – utility that will find a file and then move it to your current directory.
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Contents of the MOVEHERE.DOC file


A very fast moving
utility designed
for those who don't
know where their
file currently is !

Move It Over Here v. 1.2 Copyright 1991

Just when you couldn't locate the file you were looking for... Having
to break out the File-Finding Util, locating the current place of your
file, pulling out the Moving Util, then typing in the entire pathname,
moving the file to your current directory.

No more !

Move It Over Here is specially designed for you. Simply place it in
your path, and when you are in desperate need of your file, Move It Over

Usage: MER [filename] [option]


/P Prompt before moving
/S Scan deeper directories

======== THE OPTIMAL SPEED ==============================================

To understand what "Scan Deeper Directories" means, you must first
understand how the program logic operates.

For the optimum speed, the only directories that are searched are
ones that are subdirectories of the root directory.

Eg: \TURBO will be searched, but

\TURBO\BIN will NOT be searched.

The program "skims" directories. A visual representation would be:

C:\ --- ------ ------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ----->
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
subdir subdir subdir subdir subdir subdir subdir

Whereas the utility finds all directories that are immediately under
the root.

In order to find a "deeper" subdirectory:

C:\--- ----->
subdir C:\TURBO
subdir C:\TURBO\BIN

You would use the "/S" switch. This allows MoveItOverHere to search all
subdirectories, no matter how deep.


Unless wildcards are specified (*.DOC), the file is directly searched,
and the program aborts. For example: if you have two files called
MYFILE.COM in a directory, the program will find the first instance of
that name, and move it.

To be more specific about which MYFILE.COM you want to move, please
use the "/P" switch. Once used, this allows you to see file specs of
MYFILE.COM (the size/date/time/location), and prompts whether you want
to move it or not.



1) Please be VERY VERY careful when using wildcards. This program moves
files extremely quickly (When I benchtested it, the util moved 52 files
within 2 seconds).

2) When using wilcards, please include the "." in the filename.

Eg: *.DOC
FILE.* These names are acceptable

*LIST* These names are NOT acceptable

3) If the file already exists in the current directory, you are prompted
to rename the file. If you do not rename the file, the old file
that was in your current directory is written over.

4) If you have any questions/comments regarding this utility, please
write me:

1104 Mason Dr.
Hurst TX 76053

Compuserve 71441,2723


This program is a free utility. Please feel
free to distribute it amongst your friends,
other BBS', etc.

For a complete collection of my utilities,
plus a current version of Move It Over Here !
please see the enclosed CATALOG.DAV.

I create new programs every week, so be sure
and write me to find out what's new...

NOTE that sending for a diskette full of
utilities registers you FOR LIFE !
And you are entitled to many other benefits.


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