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Menu and Screen Saver/One Dozen Dos Utilities.
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Menu and Screen Saver/One Dozen Dos Utilities.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANYKEY.EXE 14704 9027 deflated
CAPTIVE.EXE 3810 2288 deflated
DELAY.EXE 26176 15341 deflated
DELAY05.EXE 9020 5787 deflated
FILEPICK.EXE 20252 12273 deflated
GO_DESK.EXE 20630 12444 deflated
GO_MODEM.EXE 20592 12424 deflated
GRABER.EXE 24852 14751 deflated
MAIN.MNY 107 96 deflated
MINY.EXE 30080 17446 deflated
MINY402.DOC 44163 5942 deflated
NOBURN.EXE 13836 8720 deflated
OPTION.BAT 93 66 deflated
OTHER.MNY 147 111 deflated
REBOOT.EXE 3876 2336 deflated
WAIT.EXE 8444 5449 deflated
WORKING.EXE 8032 5159 deflated

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Contents of the MINY402.DOC file

Miny (Menu & Screen Saver)
- with -
One Dozen DOS Utilities

Copyright (c) 1990-1991 David F. Bolster All Rights Reserved

Version 4.0.2 of Miny.exe is being distributed in an archive file with
One Dozen DOS Utilities. Also included are two sample menu data files
*.mny, Documentation, and a sample startup batch file Option.bat

Below is a list of the 17 files within MINY402.ZIP

MINY402 DOC 5991 02-04-91 2:04p
MINY EXE 30080 02-04-91 2:04p
MAIN MNY 107 02-04-91 2:04p
OTHER MNY 147 02-04-91 2:04p
OPTION BAT 93 02-04-91 2:04p
ANYKEY EXE 14704 02-04-91 2:04p
CAPTIVE EXE 3810 02-04-91 2:04p
DELAY EXE 26176 02-04-91 2:04p
DELAY05 EXE 9020 02-04-91 2:04p
FILEPICK EXE 20252 02-04-91 2:04a
GO_DESK EXE 20630 02-04-91 2:04p
GO_MODEM EXE 20592 02-04-91 2:04p
GRABER EXE 24852 02-04-91 2:04p
NOBURN EXE 13836 02-04-91 2:04p
REBOOT EXE 3876 02-04-91 2:04p
WAIT EXE 8444 02-04-91 2:02p
WORKING EXE 8032 02-04-91 2:04p

Menu Highlights

Low Memory 91k -> 80 bytes

Built in Busy Screen Saver

Auto Select Timeout Option

Easy to modify Data Files

Unlimited Sub-menus

Network Compatable

R e g i s t r a t i o n

The Miny (menu) -with- Utilities is distributed as share so that
you can use them for a trial period to be sure its what you want.

If you choose to continue using them after 30 days please register
your copy.

Basic Registration for a Single User is $5.00
Basic Registration for Ten to Twenty Users is $50.00
Basic Registration for each Fileserver $50.00

When you register you receive news of updates, technical support if
you have problems, and the legal right to use the software beyond a
trial period.

If you'd like more information or if you have any comments,
Write to:
David F. Bolster
501 Center Street Apt 5
El Segundo, Ca 90245

All feedback is welcome.

Thanks for trying the programs, hope you like them!!

The Documentation for Miny and the other utilities follows.

Miny (Menu & Screen Saver)
Utilities Registration Form

NAME: ______________________________________________________

COMPANY: ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________


CITY: ______________________________________________________

STATE: ________________________ ZIP CODE: _________________

PHONE: ______________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

WHERE DID YOU RECEIVE MINY? ___________________________________


COMMENTS: _____________________________________________________







Basic Registration Single User $5.00 x _______ $__________

Twenty Users $50.00 x _______ $__________

Fileserver $50.00 x _______ $__________

Total $__________

Remit to: David F. Bolster
501 Center Street Apt 5
El Segundo, Ca 90245

Copyright (c) 1990-1991 David F. Bolster All Rights Reserved

Sample Displays may not be to scale.

Miny.exe v4.0.2 02/91 11:46.43
Games Sub-menu

1 Main Menu

2 Chess

3 Pocker

4 Star Fighter

F1 About
Press <1> to return to the Main Menu

Miny.exe v4.0.2 02/91 11:46.43
Jennifer's Menu

1 Paint

2 Games

3 Learn

4 Windows

5 Programming Languages

6 Word Proccessor

7 Exit to DOS

F1 About
(Menu & Screen Saver) - By: David F. Bolster


Miny was written to be a low memory menu for use on a DOS Network
with hundreds of users sharing common menu data files. It is also
a Screen Saver and a Delay Utility since any menu option can be
setup to auto-start after 60 seconds of inactivity.

To modify a main or sub menu you simply edit the data file with your
favorite text editor.

Miny got its name because it is a low memory menu program and when on
a network when you say menu you can find your self saying where did
that come from.

There are no known bugs in version 4.0.2 of miny.exe

To Upgrade from Miny.exe v2.2 through v4.01 edit your data files
and add a second message or a BLANK MESSAGE to the first data line.
If a second message is not added the ascii char that lookes like a
box with a circle within will be displayed on the Bottom line.

Sample Miny v2.2 Data File

Jennifer's Menu|

Sample Miny v4.0.2 Data Files

Jennifer's Menu| |

Jennifer's Menu|Dial 330 for Help|

v1.00 01/90 - Created Menu program.
v1.04 06/90 - Miny got its name. The code was cleaned up and the
Screen Saver Train was added.
v2.00 08/90 - Modified to use menu data files and you can now
select the location of the temp file.
v2.01 09/90 - Modified to support Sub-Menu Data Files.
v2.02 09/90 - Modified to allow the selection of the Screen Saver or
a menu item after Sixty seconds of in-activeity.
v2.03 09/90 - Added Clock to menu display.
v3.00 09/90 - Re-wrote Timeout Logic.
v4.00 11/90 - Miny is now in color. The display has been re-worked.
The menu title has been added to the Screen Saver.
v4.0.1 01/91 - Re-wrote keyboard & the data logic. Added a second
message line at the bottom of the display.
v4.0.2 02/91 - Clock Display added to Screen Saver

Running Miny.exe

Miny was written to be a low memory menu. It is run from a batch
file named OPTION.BAT, this batch file can be as few as two lines
or as many as you want or need for your application.

When you enter the command MINY from the DOS command line it will
display the program version and a brief error/help message.


Invalid Number of parameters specified.

Miny.exe v4.0.2 02/91
(Menu & Screen Saver) - by David F. Bolster
Copyright (c) 1990-1991 All Rights Reserved

When you run Option.bat it runs Miny.exe, Miny reads your menu data
file and builds & displays your menu. When you press the Number to
select an application Miny creates a temp file option.bat then runs
the temp file. Miny Uses less than 91k of memory and since it uses
a temp file all but 80 bytes of memory is released for your program.

Below are two samples of OPTION.BAT and included in the archive is
a copy that you can use or modify for your own use. Option.bat can
be created or modified with any text editor.

Both OPTION.BAT and MINY.EXE should be in a directory in your

Sample 1 - OPTION.BAT

miny c:\ute\main.mny c:\

Sample 2 - OPTION.BAT

@echo off
cd c:\
miny c:\ute\main.mny c:\ute\
if not errorlevel 1 c:\ute\miny_tmp

When Miny is run you need to supply two Parameters.
Parameter 1 is: The Name and Location of the Data File.
Parameter 2 is: The Temp File Location.

When Miny exits it returns one of two errorlevels.
Errorlevel 0 means it WORKED
Errorlevel 1 means it FAILED

DOS Network Use
* If one of your menu options is to LOGOUT of the network you
need to have your temp file on a local disk.
* More than one Network user can not share the same Temp File

Miny's Data Files

Below are two samples of Miny's Data Files, two data files are also
included that you can modify with your text editor.

In the First sample the Top Menu Title is "Jennifer's Menu" the
Bottom Menu Title is Blank, note the "Space". There are 3 sub-menus
and an Exit to DOS.

Sample Main Menu - MAIN.MNY

Jennifer's Menu| |
0|Exit to DOS|c:|

In the Second sample the Top Menu Title is "Learning Menu" the
Bottom Menu Title is "Select a Number" there are two
applications and a return to the main menu.

Sample Sub-Menu - LEARN.MNY

Learning Menu|Select a Number|
4|Return to Main Menu|c:\ute\MAIN.mny|
1|Professor DOS|cd D:\learn\DOS^D:^instruct^option|
1|Out Numbered|cd D:\learn\SSO^D:^sso^option|

Creating your own custom Menu

-> Every Line and Space is DATA. Do Not leave extra Lines or Spaces
in your Data Files.

-> Every line must end with a "|"

-> Line 1 is the Menu Titles if the Bottom Title is BLANK you must
leave one blank space between the first and Second "|" on the
first line.

-> Lines 2 to 8 are Menu Options.
Each Menu Option Containes three Elements.
Each Element is Seporated by a "|".

Element 0 is the Data Type.
0 = Display Exit Message - Normaly used on Exit to DOS
1 = Normal Application
2 = Sub-Menu
3 = Auto-select Application
4 = Auto-select Sub-Menu

NOTE: Only one Auto-select Per Data file. If more than one
is present only the last will be the Active.

Element 1 is the Option Name you will see on the menu.

Element 2 is Application to be run or the Sub-menu to display.

NOTE: * Each Application or Command is seporated by a "^"
* For this to be a Sub-Menu Element 0, must be "2" or "4"


Noburn is a Busy Screen Saver. It is a Train that runs in a pop-up
window so your screen is restored when you press any key. It tows a
message of your choice in its box car.

Usage: NOBURN Dave
or NOBURN "Dave Bolster"

Noburn can be included in your AUTOEXEC.BAT for when you re-boot at
the end of the day.


Delay pauses your computer for 30 seconds, it also runs in a pop-up
window so your screen is restored when you press any key. If the
window is in your way you can move it with your Arrow keys. You can
also use it to jump a section of your batch file by testing for error
level 1.

Sample Batch File:



Anykey is like DELAY except that it does not run in a pop-up

Press any key to continue.

A Abort


DELAY05 is a press any key to continue with a 5 second

Usage: Delay05

C:\> Delay05
Waiting 5 Seconds , Press any Key to Skip Wait


Graber is used to copy or view a screen. It supports
color and graphics.

Usage: To copy the current screen to a file named T.SCR

To view the file T.SCR

Graber can be used to save or view screens from batch jobs,
to display demo's or to inhance batch file screen displays.
The view option includes a press any key to continue.


Invalid Number of parameters specified.
Usage: GRABER [r,w,v] SCREEN.GRB

Graber.exe v1.0 11/90
(Screen Graber) - by David F. Bolster
Copyright (c) 1990-1991 All Rights Reserved


WAIT is the same as the DOS PAUSE but it treats control_C
as any key.

Usage: Wait


CAPTIVE locks-up the PC. You have to reboot to get out.

I use it to lockup the PC it the network cannot be started.
This keeps any error messages on the screen until the PC
is Re-Booted.

Usage: Captive


WORKING displays the word WORKING and then cleans up the
line. When used in a batch file with echo off it cleans
up the previous line.

I use it to erase the previous line in batch jobs.

Usage: Working


Filepick is used to proccess a DOS command using a file picked from
a directory listing in a pop-up window. To select a file to
the file and press . If no files are found or you if you
press escape Filepick returns an errorlevel 1.

Usage: Filepick COPY *.TRN BATCHFIL
or Filepick "NDM S NDM.NODE.A" *.ZIP "T.DAVE.FILE /B"

Invalid Number of parameters specified.
Usage: Filepick Copy *.FIL FILENAME.BAT

Filepick.exe v1.0 12/90
(File Pick) - by David F. Bolster
Copyright (c) 1990-1991 All Rights Reserved

Sample Batch File:

ECHO ** File not found or no file selected **

TRN0.01 TRN0.02 TRN0.03
TRN0.04 TRN0.05 TRN0.06
TRN0.07 TRN0.08 TRN0.09


GO_DESK waits 30 seconds and exits with an errorlevel 1
if you press L it skips the wait, if you press S it
exits with an errorlevel 2

I use GO_DESK in my autoexec.bat so that when I reboot
closeup will load.

Usage: go_desk


GO_MODEM is the same as GO_DESK except that the wait is
only 5 seconds and the menu has E for exit to dos in sted
of S for skip.

I use GO_MODEM on my dialin PC's that auto load closeup.

Usage: go_modem

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