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MFD and SFD version 1.0 help to find duplicate files.
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MFD and SFD version 1.0 help to find duplicate files.
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Contents of the MFD.DOC file

mfd - find duplicate files
Version 1.0, Copyright (c) 1991 Monk Software.

General Idea:

This program finds duplicate files on your disk(s). It is
possible to specify multiple disks and see duplicate files across
disks. You have control over criteria for finding duplicate
files. For the really business-like, there is an interactive
delete mode that presents you with menus asking which of the
duplicate files to delete. As an option, a statistical summary of
the duplicate files is printed out at the end.


mfd [-ma] [-m[cdns]] [-ilv?] path [...]
where 'path' is the starting directory for finding duplicate

Matching criteria:

Tells program what information to consider in determining whether
a pair of files are duplicates or not. The default is to consider
files as duplicates if their names, modification date/times and
sizes match (i.e. -mdns).

-ma - All.
Consider name, size, date/time and contents.

-m[cdns] - Set the matching criteria.
c - Contents.
File contents must match, implies 's' (sizes must

d - Dates.
Date/time of files must match.

n - Names.
Names must match.

s - Sizes.
Size of files must match.


-i - Interactive delete mode.
Duplicate files are listed in menus. Type in the numbers
of the files you wish to delete or just hit to
leave the files alone. The numbers can be separated by
commas or spaces. Ranges of numbers can be specified by
separating the lower and upper limits with a dash.

-l - Long listing of duplicate files.
Gives date/time and size information on each duplicated

-v - Verbose, print statistics.
Give information on number of files, number of duplicated
files, number of duplicate names, total number of bytes
and averages of each at the end. When in 'interactive
delete mode', also print out how many bytes in files you

-vv - Very verbose, also print activity report.
In addition to printing statistics above, print out the
directories searched for duplicate files.

Print full documentation and exit. You are here!

Differences with 'sfd':

'mfd' is faster than 'sfd', but it does not sort the output.
'mfd' also uses somewhat more memory.


This program is shareware. You are encouraged to try this program
out and, if you like it, to give it to friends and upload it to
BBS's and archive sites. We also request a $10 fee to register
both this program and its companion 'sfd - sorted find
duplicates'. When you register, you are supporting us and, in
return, we will support you. We hope to bring you more high
quality, low cost software in the future.

To protect ourselves, we must say that we will not be liable for
any damages resulting from use or abuse of this program. You use
'mfd' and 'sfd' at your own risk. However, we strive to make the
quality and reliability of these programs high. Please report any
bugs you find. We will gladly fix them and send you an update.

Please send registration fees and/or bug reports to:
Monk Software
2464 El Camino Real, #404
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Include the name of the program, operating system, and disk size.

Bug reports and other comments can also be sent as e-mail on the
Internet to: [email protected].
UUCP: uunet!apple!netcom!monk

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