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Menu program using batch files, written in TP5 (see MMGRSRC.ZIP for sour.
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Menu program using batch files, written in TP5 (see MMGRSRC.ZIP for sour.
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INSTALL.REF 4023 911 deflated
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MENUENV.BW 3746 452 deflated
MENUENV.COL 3768 597 deflated
MENUENV.DAT 3768 597 deflated
MENUFILE.DAT 2190 656 deflated
MENUMGR.EXE 76496 27917 deflated
MM.BAT 33 29 deflated
READ.ME 2715 1001 deflated
USRGUIDE.DOC 65704 15048 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file



Version 1.1.0
December 6, 1988

Copyright (c) 1989 Creative Software Solutions
All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to Menu Manager - the best DOS Shell available for IBM
PC and PC Compatible computers. You will probably want to read
the User's Guide in "USRGUIDE.DOC" before using Menu Manager.

The User's Guide, Installation Reference Sheet, and License/
Registration Documents are contained in "USRGUIDE.DOC",
"INSTALL.REF", and "LICENSE.DOC" respectively. They can be
printed on any 80 column printer. To print, type the following
at any DOS prompt:

PRINT filename.ext
-Where "filename.ext" is any of the above filenames.

The contents of this disk/file are as follows:

READ.ME ........ What you're reading now
USRGUIDE.DOC ... User's Guide (20 pages)
LICENSE.DOC .... License/Registration Documents (2 pages)
INSTALL.REF .... Install Reference Sheet (1 page)
INSTALL.EXE .... Menu Manager Install program
MENUMGR.EXE .... Menu Manager program
MM.BAT ......... Sample startup batch file
MENUENV.BW ..... Environment Table (for monochrome)
MENUENV.COL .... Environment Table (for color)
MENUENV.DAT .... Default Environment Table (color)
MENUFILE.DAT ... Sample Menus
MENUMGR.PAS .... Menu Manager program (TP5 source code)
BLD_MENU.PAS ... Menu build routines
INIT_MEN.PAS ... Initialization routines
OPTION_E.PAS ... Option Editor routine
SETTINGS.PAS ... Settings Editor routine
QWIK.TPU ....... QWIK unit
QWIKUTIL.TPU ... QWIK supplemental routines
SYSUTIL.TPU .... System-Type routines
STRUTIL.TPU .... String manipulation routines
IOUTIL.TPU ..... I/O routines
MMUTILS.TPU .... Menu Manager Utility routines

The Installation Reference Sheet is a summary of the error
codes and possible causes or remedies the Install program may
display. If you use the Install program and get an error that
can't be resolved, feel free to contact Creative Software So-
lutions by any of the methods outlined in the User's Guide.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.

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