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Operating Instructions
for the
Master Control Menu System
by John Caputo
Copyright (C) 1989

This is not freeware. If you would like a registered copy of the latest
version with it's Turbo C source. Send $10 to the following address.

John Caputo
Apt. 5
4190 Rocky River Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44135

Specify a 5 1/4" or a 3 1/2" Disk. I will send the latest
working version and the Turbo C source code.

-The menu system is made up of 3 files:
All three files must be located in the SAME PATHED directory.
1.) MCP.BAT This is the batch file that starts the
menu system. It must be in the same
directory as mcp1.exe. preferably the
root directory of your hard disk. They
may be in any of your pathed directories.

2.) MCP1.EXE This is the main menu system program. You
should not run this directly, but instead
run it from the batch file mcp.bat.

3.) MCP.DAT This is the data file which is created and
maintained by the menu system. It will
automatically be created in the same
directory as mcp1.exe. If you move this
file, a new blank one will be created.

-To execute the menu system:
from the root directory in C drive (C:\>).
type MCP and Enter.

-The rest of the docs are located in the program.
while in the menu system press (H) for help.

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Archive   : MENU25.ZIP
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