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Copyright (c)1992, Eric J. Givler, All Rights Reserved.

MEGA-CAT is an easy-to-use disk catalogging program that allows quick
browsing of your catalogged files and many other support features: Browsing
Text Files, Creating Databases, Labelling Diskettes, Formatting Diskettes,
Viewing Directory Trees, and much more...

Future modules that will be appearing in *REGISTERED* releases of
MEGA-CAT include:

Subdirectory Delete - Delete files in a subdirectory that are already
backed up. Allows interactive selection of "possible"
dupes based on ROOT filename (w/o extension). The User
can view compressed files in .ARC, .ARJ, .LZH, .PAK
.ZIP, and .ZOO formats of the hard disk and catalogged
floppy file simultaneously for easy determination of
duplication. Also supports sorting the compressed
file contents by: Filename, Extension and Date.
Support for other formats will be forthcoming.

Subdirectory Catalog- Creates a 4DOS/NDOS Hidden Description file:
DESCRIPT.ION in the directory you select to process.
This file is used in the Subdirectory CopyFile option.
Locates descriptions from a text file, the CATALOG.DBF
and the DESCRIPTION database.

Subdirectory Copy - Copies files in a subdirectory to a floppy optimally
filling each floppy, grabbing appropriate descriptions
and tracking disk space utilization. Can be setup to
copy files to 'similar' diskettes (ie. All utility
diskettes would be prefixed with a UTL and then a
number, ie. UTL001).

Redate Archives - This option is mainly designed for Sysops but useful
to others as well. It will look inside of compressed
files and reset the TIME and DATE stamp of the file
to the date of the newest entry inside the archive.
This is useful for knowing how OLD your files REALLY

Quick Volume Report - Report of all Disks in the system to screen/printer.

Quick File Report - Report of all files in system to screen/printer with
optional flagging of possible duplicates.

Create 4DOS/NDOS - Creates a 4DOS/NDOS hidden DESCRIPT.ION file to place
on a catalogged diskette provided there is enough

Catalog Commenting - Comment files in the CATALOG database from a formatted
text file without adding descriptions to your
DESCRIPTION database. This is for users with limited
disk space who do NOT want a large description

Enhanced Dir Lister - The next version of the directory lister will show a
graphical tree on the left side of the screen and
the files under the highlighted subdirectory on the
right side of the screen. In addition, file viewing
of .ARC,.ARJ,.LZH,.PAK,.ZIP, and .ZOO compressed files
and other formats (.DBF,.MEM,.NTX,.NDX,.LBL etc)
will be supported. Also, some rudimentary disk
management features will be added.

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