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12/12/92 - Rev 1.00H (beta)
o Added the Report menu option.
o Added the Catalog Listing - report of CATALOG.DBF
o Added the Diskette Listing - report of DISKS.DBF
o Print Preview, Save to File and Spooler handling added.

10/18/92 - Rev 1.00Gá (beta release)

o Modified Import so filename had picture '@! AAA99999999'
o Fixed all occurrences of MessYN that could cause problems in
the catalog program (not LIBRARY functions yet)
o Modified Popup messages to not have default 60 second timeout.
o Removed ALT options in Find Descriptions Module (SUBCAT)
o Ability to internally change the path in SUBCAT.
o Last path accessed in SUBCAT stored in configuration.
o GrabDescrips(path) written to serve both COPYFILE/SUBCAT.
o Removed usage of TEMPHOLD.DBF in SUBCAT.
o SUBCAT: Reads from DESCRIPT.ION if its found in selected
o Changed SUBCAT.DBF structure (added EXT field, reduced NAME)
o Copyfile fixed to NOT change descriptions to ALL UPPER case
in GrabDescrips()
o Copyfile fixed to preserve date/time stamp after file copied.
o Added display of freespace and size of file being copied to
copyfile box at top.
o Fixed improper diskette numbering if next disk was < 10.
o Added diskette labelling in COPYFILE.
o Put error message in Errorv50 if the error couldn't be logged.
o Errors now logged to ERROR.LOG and NOT BUG.LOG
o Added Alt-E (Erase) option to SUBCAT.PRG

09/02/92 - Rev 1.00G (RE-release)

o Proper screen restore after F4 from search diskette in CATALOG
o Drive_To_Str() parameters wrong in Configuration.
o Disk Labels not written correctly during CATALOG (DISKLABL.PRG
was ok) if greater than 8 characters.
o SPACE left calculation revised to not add entries marked for
deletion in catalog.
o Undocumented 'I)ndex' option added in DISK BROWSE. This
recalculates the SpaceLeft entry. Use this if you tag files
for deletion in the Master CATALOG database.
o Added Subdirectory Catalog, Subdirectory Delete and Copy new
files from subdirectory to *REGISTERED* version. See
REGISTER.DOC for a list of other modules. See catalog
documentation for a full description!
o Fixed some small bugs in IMPORT.PRG

07/02/92 - Rev 1.00f released.

o Fixed bug in Picklist single field editing
o Rewrote entire Pulldown menu system for easier maintainability
o Fixed bug with colors not being properly restored after selecting
Edit Config or Edit Company from the Main Menu.

06/20/92 - Rev 1.00e released.

o Better label handling during IMPORT (Totally rewritten)
o Option to delete file off the floppy in IMPORT BrowseFiles.
Deletes w/o requesting floppy file deletes are performed
instantly. Otherwise, if it cannot delete the file off of
the floppy, it won't erase it from the list.
o IMPORT,CATALOG - Removed editing capabilities during Browse
of fields that I didn't think should be edited. Specifically:
CATALOG: Filename,Ext,Size,Date,DiskName
IMPORT: Filename,Ext,Size,Date,Disk#
o Fixed BUGs due to IDL's Set_Volume (disk volume label function)
Labels longer than 8 characters were NOT handled properly!

05/29/92 - Rev 1.00d released.

o Fixed BUG in IMPORT - if there were multiple incorrect entries
for a diskette, only the first one would be removed (placed in
o Fixed BUG in CATALOG - field edits during browse were not
updated unless it was part of the indexkey and the indexkey

05/20/92 - Rev 1.00c released.

o Easily lookup possible search Diskettes in Catalog S)earch
o AutoLogs bugs to BUG.LOG and changed L)og option to V)iew

05/13/92 - Rev 1.00b released.

o Fixed S)earch in Diskbrow (same fix added to Catalog option).
o Ability to edit CATALOGGED field in Browse Disks.
o Fixed problem with not finding records to recall after
deleting in Browse Disks.
o Fixed small bug in IMPORT which changed DELETED status.

04/20/92 - Rev 1.00a released.

o Cleaned up docs and fixed installation process to generate
databases during startup.
o Fixed a small bug in S)earch in the Edit Catalog module.

02/13/92 - Rev 1.00 released.

o Initial release.

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Archive   : MC100H_B.ZIP
Filename : CATALOG.HST

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: