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Very simple program that searches for a specified string in all files.
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Very simple program that searches for a specified string in all files.
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Contents of the LOOKFOR.DOC file

Lookfor v. 1.0
A simple, small, but
handy Utility

by Randy Hunt

Hello! Welcome to another of my little programs! This is a handy
little thing I thought of the other day, so I decided to write it. It
only consists of about 50 lines of code, but it is a very helpful little
program. What it does is, take a string you give it and it tries to find
files in the current directory (note: the CURRENT directory...future
versions may search the whole drive) that contain that string.


Usage is very easy. Just do this:

lookfor string

where string is a 7 character or less string that you want to search
for in the filenames. It would be stupid to have a search for 8
letters, because that would just be the dos command "dir [yourstring].*" or
whatever. Also note that this program only searches in the fileNAME,
not the extension.

DOS Errorlevels

For you convenience, here's a list of error levels that are returned
from Lookfor:

0 : Normal Termination-->Matching files found
1 : Normal Termination-->NO matching files found
2 : Abnormal Termination-->Bad parameters or other errors...


This utility is free, since it only took my about 15 minutes to write.
Use this program at your own risk. I take NO responsiblity for
anything this program does or does not do.


This program is hereby dedicated to the public domain. I expect NO
renumeration for this program AT all. If you like it, great. If not
get rid of it and forget about it. If you have any questions or
comments or ideas about this program, please feel free to email on WWIVnet
at 1@2701 or send me U.S. Mail at:

Randy Hunt
113 Woodland Drive
Bangor, ME 04401

Have fun!

-Randy Hunt

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