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Logik Menu. Menu System, Mouse, 43/50 lines, Events, Log.
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Logik Menu. Menu System, Mouse, 43/50 lines, Events, Log.
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Contents of the README file

LOGIK MENU Version 1.61

LOGIK MENU is shipped in a compressed form. The INSTALL.BAT file is used to
copy the files to your hard disk or to another floppy drive. The instal-
lation process is completely menu driven and simple to master.

README This file.
I.EXE The Install program called by INSTALL.BAT
INSTALL.BAT The Install.
LCOMP A compressed file containing all the files needed
for proper operation of LOGIK MENU. This includes
an extensive README, the complete owner's manual,
the program and utilities, and the samples.
VENDOR.DOC Documentation file for disk vendors and Shareware

DISK#1 Disk Identification. Required by the INSTALL program.
L1 The main LOGIK MENU program. Will be LMENU.EXE
L2 Contains the SET-UP program. Will be LMENUSET.EXE
L3 Contains the report generator. Will be LMREPORT.EXE
L4 Contains the EVENT scheduler. Will be LMEVENT.EXE
README.EXE Program for viewing text files.
LMENU.OVL Small overlay module used by LMENU.EXE.
INST.DAT INSTALL data file. (list of files to be installed)
LMENUCFG.BW The configuration file for Black & White. (LMENU.CFG)
LMENUCFG.COL The configuration file for color monitors. (LMENU.CFG)
BOOT.COM Utility used to re-boot your computer.
LMALARM.COM Memory resident alarm used by the ALARM (if ANYWHERE)
MPAUSE.COM Like the DOS PAUSE, but also checks for the mouse.
README.TXT "read me" data file. Use program README.EXE to view.
LMENU.DAT Sample MENU. This file must exist to allow LMENU to run.
LMENU.SKE Skeleton MENU used by INSTALL.
LMENU.HLP Custom application help file.
LMENU.IDX Custom application help index file.
LMENUS.HLP On-line help data file used by the Set-Up.
REGIST.COM Build and print a Registration form.
REGIST.FRM Registration form (INVOICE). (Run REGIST.COM instead)
LMENU.DOC LOGIK MENU reference manual.
MONEY.DOC Info file on an opportunity for you to make $$$.
LMENU.EVT The EVENT data file.
LMJOB.DAT LOGIK MENU job tracking data file.
LMTRACK.DAT Application usage data file.

LM.BAT Not included with LOGIK MENU. It is created by the
INSTALL. This is the file that must always be used
to run LOGIK MENU.

---------------------------- How to INSTALL? -----------------------------

To install LOGIK MENU, insert the distribution diskette in drive A: and


and simply follow the prompts. INSTALL will not modify your system without
your authorization. INSTALL will also give you the choice to include
LOGIK MENU in you AUTOEXEC.BAT file (which is the file that is executed auto-
matically when you turn on your computer). If you are currently running
another menu system, you might have to remove it from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file,
otherwise the old menu will be execute before LOGIK MENU.

---------------------------- How to RUN it? ------------------------------

To run LOGIK MENU, enter:


--------------------------- What is LOGIK MENU? ----------------------------

Designed for ease of use at the touch of a key. From the user who needs
to access programs quickly, to the user who needs to turn on all the
options, LOGIK MENU is the answer. Extensive on-line help, EGA/VGA
43/50 line mode supported, true mouse support (point & shoot), has
passwords, screen saver, hidden "hot" keys (special keys can be set to
work on any menus or sub-menus), usage log report, job tracking control,
network compatible, customizable help, and more...

LOGIK MENU reminds you of important dates with its Event Tracking.
LOGIK MENU does not use a single byte of memory while your own programs
run. Its automatic installation process scans your hard drive for
popular programs. One of its three levels of installation will suit
your needs.

Up to 50 items per menu, 50 sub-menus (multiple levels) (2450 programs),
80 commands per item and 30 general hidden hot keys.

------------------------------ REQUIREMENTS ------------------------------

IBM compatible with at least 384 K of memory running DOS 3.0 or higher.

------------------------------ REGISTRATION ------------------------------

To register, install LOGIK MENU. Press F8 at the main menu. Answer all the
questions. You can register by mail, by FAX, by compuserve or by phone.
See the details in the REGISTRATION program (F8). If you register by mail,
print the registration form (F8), and return your remittance to:

P.O. Box 396
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
J1H 5J7

Payment can be made by cheque, money order or credit card. Details in the
REGISTRATION program (F8).

The registration fee is $50 plus $5 for postage and handling (Canadian

A registration includes:
* Personal registration number and key code. This stops the solicitation
window from showing up every once in a while.
* Bounded manual
* Latest version on disk
* Unlimited telephone support
* All future updates free of charge (Only postage and handling fee)
* FREE Phone Directory program with auto-dialler

Also a newsletter is sent to all registered users on a periodic basis. It
talks about simple tricks to improve your own set-up. Also, it reports
the changes in latest update if any.

See the registration form.

---------------------------- TECHNICAL SUPPORT ---------------------------

Technical support is available for ALL users (REGISTERED OR NOT). We,
at LOGIVISION, want you, the customer, to be satisfied with our products.
If, for any reason you encounter difficulties with installing or using
this product, do not hesitate to communicate with our Technical Support.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day through the FAX, or, by phone,
from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

FAX: (819) 823-8000
TEL: (819) 823-6761
Compuserve: 73020,2111

--------------------------End of the README File--------------------------

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