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Directory lister.
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Directory lister.
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LF - Directory lister for humans.

by: Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 2297
Iowa City, Iowa 52244

Copyright 1985 by Windspear Software Systems

All commercial rights reserved. May be freely copied and used for
private use only -- not for resale. May be distributed on public access
remote computer bulletin boards.

LF is supplied as a user supported package. Private individuals are
encouraged to copy and share this package with others. If you are using
this program and finding it of value, your contribution ($10 suggested)
will be appreciated. Regardless of whether you make a contribution, you
are encouraged to copy and share this program.

Please send any comments/problems to Windspear Software Systems. If you
want a response and are a contributing user also include a self
addressed stamped envelope.

Please make the user supported software concept work by sending in your
$10 contribution.

Jordan Archer
Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 2297
Iowa City, Iowa 52244

LF - Directory lister for humans.

Usage: LF [pattern] {-[n]option}


[!][drive:][path][file] { [!][file] }

Drive: a - z.
Path: Any PC-DOS path ending in a '\'.
File: Normal file name with wild cards.

The '!' means exclude all the files from the previous files list
taht match the file wild card. This is done in a left to right
manner. For example:

lf !*.bat Means list all files that are not .bat

lf *.b* !*.?a? *.bat Is processed as:
1 ) List all *.b* files.
2 ) From that list remove all *.?a? files.
3 ) From that list add all *.bat files.


a - All files and attributes. (off)

Note: The 'a' attribute means the files archive bits is cleared.

c - Combine files and directories. (off)
When this is on 'LF' is similar to other file listers
with directories and files mixed.

d - List directories. (on)
By using the '-nd' option you will get only the files.

f - List files. (on)

h - Controls printing of headers.
1 - Banner header. (on)
2 - Volume label and path header. (on)
3 - File type labels. (on)
no options controls all three at once.

l - List date/time stamps. (off)

s - Sizes of files. (off)

sc - Size of files and directory sizes in clusters. (off)
Optional cluster size. (i.e. '-sc512' gives size for clusters
of 512 bytes).

t - List total file space and free disk space. (on)

LF - Directory lister for humans.

p - On the screen pauses every 25 lines. (on)
When output is redirected to the printer causes a
form feed at the end of the listing.
Has no effect when output is redirected to a file.

o,r - Order/Reverse for sorting files. ('-on')
r - Reverse order sort. Yes you can use '-rr' as '-o'.
s - Size sort.
n - Name sort. This is the default for '-o'
d,t,l - Date/time sort.
e,x - Extension sort.
u - Unsorted. Order is the same as the DIR command.
Same as '-no' no order, '-nr' is a reverse unsorted.

z - Every thing option. (off)
This turns on or off the following options:
a, l, s, t.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - Set maxium column width. (8)

All options can be prefixed with a 'n' to turn them off.

The environment varible 'LF_DEFAULT' is searched for options
before the command line. By setting 'LF_DEFAULT' you can set
your own default setings for all options. For example typing


at the DOS prompt will set the default value for the header to off
and the default for disk space totals to on.

Copyright 1985,
Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 2297
Iowa City, Iowa 52244

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