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Delete all "BUT" stated on command line.
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Delete all “BUT” stated on command line.
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Contents of the MANUAL.DOC file


(Shareware Release)

"Converse of DOS Delete" Version 3.00

Copyright (C) 1989-1991 NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

LED(tm) 3.0


You are granted a 14 day trial period to determine whether or not LED
meets your needs. After that time you must register the software. Refer to
the file called ORDER.FRM to see how to order the commercial version for only
$15.00 (Additional $5 overseas). NOTE: The "ORDER FORM" is also available at
the end of this text file.


Copyright (C) 1989-1991 NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc. All rights reserved.

You are granted a license to use the software described in this manual. The
software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that
license, which is described following this notice.

LED is a trademark of NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc.

LICENSE AGREEMENT (Shareware Release)

This software is licensed to you as an end user. IT IS NOT SOLD.

The "Shareware Release" of LED is fully copyrighted and may not be sold.
However, as with all shareware, it may be copied freely for evaluation
purposes. As a LED evaluee, you are granted a 14 day trial period in which to
determine its suitability. At the end of the trial period, if you wish to
continue using LED, you must register the software. Refer to the file called
"ORDER.FRM" for registration information.

There are many advantages associated with registering LED. Some (and certainly
not all) of these include:

o Latest verson of LED
o Low-cost upgrades
o Technical support
o Laser-printed instructions
o Bulletin Board Access FREE


NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc. Disclaims all warranties relating to this
software, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and all
such warranties are expressly and specifically disclaimed. Neither NEOCOM
Microspecialists, Inc. nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation,
production, or delivery of this software shall be liable for any indirect,
consequential, or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to
use such software even if NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc. has been advised of the
possibility of such damages or claims. In no event shall NEOCOM
Microspecialists, Inc.'s liability for any damages ever exceed the price paid
for the license to use the software, regardless of the form of claim. The
person using the software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of
the software. Some states do not allow the exclusion of the limit of liability
for consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation may not apply
to you.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Virginia and shall
inure to the benefit of NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc. and any successors,
administrators, heirs and assigns. Any action or proceeding brought by either
party against the other arising out of or related to this agreement shall be
brought only in the STATE or FEDERAL COURT of competent jurisdiction located in
Henry County, Virginia. The parties hereby consent to in personam
jurisdiction of said courts.


MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. . IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines.


LED is the converse of the DOS "DEL" command. That is, it deletes files in the
specified path NOT matching the given filespec(s). For example, if you wish to
delete all files in a given directory that are not .ZIP files, LED is the
answer. It is completely command-line compatible with the DOS DEL command,
except that it allows extra options such as multiple filespecs.

USAGE:LED [drive:][path]filename-1 filename-2 filename-3...filename-n

C>LED d:\temp\PK*.ZIP
C>LED a:*.exe *.com autoexec.bat config.sys

Basically, using LED is exactly like using the DOS "DEL" command. You start
with the command name (LED), followed by an optional drive letter, path and
filespec. By "filespec," we mean filename or wild cards (*, ?, *.??, etc.) or
a combination or the two. Let's take a look a the examples shown individually.

EXAMPLE #1: In the first example we have "C>LED *.ZIP" on the DOS command
line. If we were using DEL rather than LED this would delete all files with
".ZIP" extensions. Instead, LED will delete all files in the default
directory that do not have ".ZIP" extensions.

EXAMPLE #2: The second example above shows "C>LED d:\temp\PK*.ZIP" on the
command line. Again, using DEL as a counter-example, substitut-
ing DEL here would delete all files in the "\TEMP" directory of
"D:" drive that start with "PK" and end with ".ZIP." LED will,
of course, delete all files in the "\TEMP" directory of "D:"
drive, EXCEPT those beginning with "PK" and ending with ".ZIP."

NOTE: LED, like DEL is not case sensative. Use upper or
lower letters in any combination.

EXAMPLE #3: Finally, we have "C>LED a:*.exe *.com autoexec.bat config.sys"
as our last example. This example demonstrates how LED differs
syntactically from DEL, making it more powerful than early
versions and superior to many similar utilities. Notice that
there are extra parameters. Now we are able to delete all
files in a specified path, except those matching one -- or
multiple -- file specification(s). LED used as shown in this
example will delete all files on "A:" drive that are not ".EXE"
files, ".COM" files or "AUTOEXEC.BAT" or "CONFIG.SYS."

As with most powerful utilities, LED can be a bit hazardous if you don't know
what you're doing. We've encorporated an important safety feature into LED
that should help you avoid most disasters. If LED finds no files matching in
any of your filespec's (which should not be deleted), it simply does nothing.
This is significant because if LED finds nothing matching your filespec it,
logically, it should remove everything in its path (similar to agent orange).

Once you become familiar with how LED works, you will find it to be FAST,
FRIENDLY and INTUITIVE. It will take a couple of practice LED'tions for most
people to become comfortable. We recommend creating a "\TEST" directory and
coping some files into it so you can practice safely.

========================= ORDER/REGISTRATION FORM ============================

Send this completed form to:

P.O. BOX 1126

Funds (U.S. only) payable to: NEOCOM Microspecialists, Inc.

Disk with program and documentation $15.00 (includes P&H)

PCs Price
2 - 5 $call
6 - 19 $call
20 - 49 $call
50 - 99 $call
100 or more, $call one time fee. (Call 703/666-9533 for details)

(Overseas orders please add $5.00 per order)

No. Copies: _________ (x $15 per copy)
= _________

Shipping & Hand.: + $ 0.00
Overseas: + $______.__ ($5.00 if applicable)

Total enclosed: $______.__

Company Name (if applicable): ______________________________________________

Your Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ___ Zip: ______

Telephone: ( )___-____ Version you have: _______

Preferred diskette type (check one): 3 [ ] 5 [ ]

Computer/configuration: ____________________________________________________

How and where did you find out about LED? __________________________________


Do you have any comments and/or suggestions regarding

LED? ______________________________________________________________________


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