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Led's Change Directory v4.0

Released Aug 17, 1991

A PC-DOS / MS-DOS Intelligent Directory Changer

____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

Written by Keith Ledbetter
4240 Ketcham Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832
(804) 674-0780
(6:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern Time)

Tech Support BBS: Blue Ridge Express
30 Phone Lines (2400 bd)
Sub-board KEITHL

Electronic mail on GEnie : ORION.MICRO
CompuServe: 72240,1221
BIX : kledbetter

Program and Documentation are Copyright (c) 1991 by Keith Ledbetter.
All rights reserved.

Portions Copyright Borland, International. LCD was written with Borland C++.

This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem with
an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help. The
ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member,
but does not provide technical support for members' products. Please write to
the ASP Ombudsman at P.O. Box 5786, Bellevue, WA 98006 or send a Compuserve
message via easyplex to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

LCD Registration Form Keith Ledbetter
4240 Ketcham Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832

LCD Version 4.0x Quantity Price

Disk with branding utility ($15/copy): _______ __________

Total enclosed __________

Please make payment by check or money order (in US funds) payable
to "Keith Ledbetter".

Please specify the diskette size(s) that are acceptable for you:

___ 5.25" 1.2MB ___ 3.5" 1.44MB ___ 5.25" 360KB ___ 3.50" 720KB

Name ________________________________________________________

Company ________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________


Phone ________________________________________________________

Where did you get LCD? _________________________________________

Multi-System and Reseller Licenses:

Site, corporate, network, and reseller licenses are available
for LCD. Check the line on the order form or contact me for
more information. The following schedule provides some
examples of multi-system license fees. The fee includes one
master diskette which you may then copy and use on the number
of machines listed below:

# Users Price
------- -------
5 $ 70.00 ($14 / copy)
10 130.00 ($13 / copy)
25 300.00 ($12 / copy)
50 550.00 ($11 / copy)
100 1,000.00 ($10 / copy)
Unlimited 1,500.00

Led's Change Directory Page 1

Definition of ShareWare

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before
buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it,
you are expected to register. Individual programs differ on details
-- some request registration while others require it, some specify
a maximum trial period. With registration, you get anything from the
simple right to continue using the software to an updated program with
printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software,
and the copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific
exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished
programmers, just like commercial authors, and the programs are
of comparable quality. (In both cases, there are good programs
and bad ones!) The main difference is in the method of
distribution. The author specifically grants the right to copy
and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a
specific group. For example, some authors require written
permission before a commercial disk vendor may copy their

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You
should find software that suits your needs and pocketbook,
whether it's commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes
fitting your needs easier, because you can try before you buy.
And because the overhead is low, prices are low also. Shareware
has the ultimate money-back guarantee -- if you don't use the
product, you don't pay for it.

Led's Change Directory Page 2

Disclaimer - Agreement

Users of LCD must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
"LCD is supplied as is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation,
the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.
The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or conse-
quential, which may result from the use of LCD."

LCD is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge
to the user for evaluation. Feel free to share it with your
friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of
another system. The essence of "user-supported" software is to
provide personal computer users with quality software without
high prices, and yet to provide incentive for programmers to
continue to develop new products. If you find this program
useful and find that you are using LCD and continue to use
LCD after a reasonable trial period, you must make a reg-
istration payment of $15 to Keith Ledbetter. The $15
registration fee will license one copy for use on any one
computer at any one time. You must treat this software just like
a book. An example is that this software may be used by any
number of people and may be freely moved from one computer
location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it
being used at one location while it's being used at another.
Just as a book cannot be read by two different persons at the
same time.

Commercial users of LCD must register and pay for their
copies of LCD within 30 days of first use or their license
is withdrawn. Site-License arrangements may be made by con-
tacting Keith Ledbetter.

You are encouraged to pass a copy of LCD along to your
friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their
copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users
will receive a copy of the latest version of the LCD system.

Led's Change Directory Page 3

About the Program

NOTE: Be sure to read the HISTORY.DOC file for changes that were
made in this version.

LCD is a program designed to make changing directories much easier,
especially when you have a large hard drive with lots of different

LCD is a work-alike to Peter Norton's NCD command, but with one significant
difference. LCD works "across all drives" by maintaining the directory
database of ALL drives on drive C:, instead of one database on each individual
drive like NCD does. This means that you don't have to specify a drive letter
when changing to a directory on a different drive.

About the Syntax:

LCD partial_directory_name : change to a directory
LCD md directory_name : create directory; update database now
LCD rd directory_name : delete directory; update database now
LCD /scan [drivelist] : scan drives and build directory database
LCD /qscan [drivelist] : scan drives (ignore dirs with extensions)

Changing directories:

LCD is used to quickly switch between directories across any of your
hard drives. You simply invoke LCD and give it the full or partial name
of the directory you wish to change to. For example, if you have a
directory named C:\PROCOMM\DOWNLOADS, you could switch to this directory
with the command:

C:> LCD down

LCD will first try to do an immediate change to the directory name that
you specify. If that change works, LCD simply exits immediately. If it
fails, then LCD looks into your directory database and tries to figure
out the directory name that you wanted by doing fuzzy comparisons. If
more than one directory existed with the same partial name that you
gave to LCD, it will display a scrollable dialog box on the screen
containing all of the matches found. Simply use the arrow keys to
highlight the path that you want to change to, then hit .

Scanning directories:

The first time you execute LCD, you must specify the /SCAN parameter

Led's Change Directory Page 4

About the Program

("LCD /scan") which instructs LCD to scan all of your hard drives and
build a file called LCD.IDX in the root directory of drive C. You will
need to periodically rescan all of your drives to add to the table any
new directories that you have created.

If you only want LCD to know about certain specific drives (ie: only
non-network drives), you can specify a drive list after the /SCAN
keyword. To have LCD only scan drives C, E, F, and G, you'd do this:


If you are sure that you don't have subdirectories which have an extension
in their name (for example, C:\PROGRAMS.OLD\) then you can specify /QSCAN
instead of /SCAN. This causes LCD to scan almost 50% quicker than normal.

Direct database updating:

You can also use LCD to create and remove directories with immediate
database updating. This means that you don't have to continually
scan your drives to update the directory database. LCD will create or
delete the directory specified, and then update the LCD.IDX database at
the same time. For example, to create a directory on drive F: and put
that directory in the database, you'd do:

C:> LCD md f:\test

This ability comes in especially handy for users of command shells that
allow aliasing, such as CED and 4DOS. With these utilities, you can
change the standard MD and RD commands to invoke LCD instead. With 4DOS,
you'd set up the aliases like this:

C:> alias md `lcd md %1`
C:> alias rd `lcd rd %1`
C:> alias cd `lcd %1`

The LCD environment variable:

If you'd rather have LCD keep its LCD.IDX database somewhere other than
the root directory of drive C:, you can specify the filename you want
used in the LCD environment variable. For example, if you'd like to
keep the LCD.IDX file on drive D: in your UTILS directory, you would

Led's Change Directory Page 5

Keith Ledbetter's Software Catalog

Keith Ledbetter's Software Catalog

Listed below is a chart of my other shareware and freeware utilities,
along with the current version number of each. Also listed is the
filename that you will find them under on BBS systems (please note that
they may be different on your favorite BBS's, but it should help you at
least get close to locating them). When you register one of my Shareware
programs, you will receive a disk with all of these utilities on it.

Filename Version Description
----------- ------- -------------------------------
SST_53a.ZIP 5.2a PC Computing magazine called SST "the Concorde
of all file-finder programs". PC World magazine
rated SST as one of the 50 best programs for
under $50!
Shareware: $15

LCD_40a.ZIP 2.1a "Led's Change Directory" is an intelligent
directory changing program. This program was
voted one of "the 10 best utilities of 1990"
by the "Public (software) Library" magazine.
Shareware: $15

AV_12.ZIP 1.2 "Archive Viewer" is used to display the names
of members of all of the popular archiving
programs (ZIP, ARC, LHARC, PKARC, ZOO, PAK).
No longer do you have to struggle remembering
the syntax to 6 different archiving programs.
Freeware: $0

X_30.ZIP 3.0 "X: The Executioner" can save you a lot of
disk space. X allows you to ZIP down those
seldom-used-but-hard-to-delete .COM, .EXE,
and .BAT files into one system "Command
Library". You can then execute them easily
by simply typing an "x" in front of the
command line (eg: "x chkdsk c:").
Freeware: $0

ADMENU30.ZIP 3.0 If you own an Adlib Music card, you need this
program. It allows you to ZIP down all of
those .ROL song files you've accumulated, yet
still play them with no extra effort! Uses
a mouse-able, easy-on-the-eyes window system.
Freeware: $0

DELDIR12.ZIP 1.2 "Delete Directory" allows you to delete an
entire directory (and all directories under
it) with one quick command. You will be

Led's Change Directory Page 6

Keith Ledbetter's Software Catalog

shown totals of what you are about to delete
and then be asked to confirm (the confirm
process can be over-ridden from the command
Freeware: $0

DIRSIZ11.ZIP 1.1 "Directory Size Information" allows you to
easily determine the total size (in both
files and bytes) of any directory.
Freeware: $0

DUPICO10.ZIP 1.0 "Duplicate Icon Deleter" is for any Windows
3.0 user who has accumulated tons of icons.
It will go through a directory and delete all
duplicate icon images, regardless of what they
are named.
Freeware: $0

TIMER10.ZIP 1.0 This program allows you to easily time the
execution of any program. Simply use TIMER
to invoke the command (eg: "timer chkdsk C:")
and you will be shown, at the completion of
the command, the elapsed time.
Freeware: $0

UNTAB10.ZIP 1.0 One of the fastest "un-tab" programs you will
find. It takes the specified input file and
copies it to the specified output file,
replacing all tab characters with hard blanks
(you specify the "tab size").
Freeware: $0

You can download all of these files from the Blue Ridge Express in
Richmond, VA. This is the official tech support board for all of my
software, and there's a special "Keith Ledbetter" message section where
you can quickly get your questions answered. Once you log on, just do
a "J KEITHL" to join my sub-board. First-time callers have access to
both my message base and all of my download files.

The Blue Ridge Express is a first-class BBS, with 30 phone lines; no
need to worry about getting a busy signal! The number is:

The Blue Ridge Express BBS

Led's Change Directory Page 7

Keith Ledbetter's Software Catalog

All of my software can also be obtained from the following places:

Alternative Personal Software
269 Springside Drive Suite C
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9B 1P8
Tel: (416) 577-4068

PC Assist Limited
4 Carruber's Close
135 High Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1SJ
Tel: 031-557-6432

BroCo Software
P. O. Box 446
Tel: 31-2155-26650

John Warren
BBS: (0228) / 476-111-06 (Swiss Telepac)

End of document.

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