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KillBak V5.0 Search and destroy every .BAK file on your hard drive or give an optional name to hunt down. Extreamly fast, reports of disked saved. NOW with a drive OMIT option, to avoid the pesky CDROMs and slow network dr

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KillBak V5.0 Search and destroy every
.BAK file on your hard drive or give an
optional name to hunt down. Extreamly fast,
reports of disked saved. NOW with a drive
OMIT option, to avoid the pesky CDROMs and
slow network drives. Handles all of DOS
wildcard combinations.
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KillBak V5.0 Search and destroy every .BAK file on your hard drive or give an optional name to hunt down. Extreamly fast, reports of disked saved. NOW with a drive OMIT option, to avoid the pesky CDROMs and slow network dr
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Contents of the KILBAK.DOC file

A MC's Place BBS Release

KILBAK: Global File killer (default .BAK)
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Version 5.0

Copyright (c) 1988-1993 John W. McNamara
All rights Reserved

Written By: John McNamara

MC's Place BBS
Dunn, NC

(919) 891-1111 [16.8 DS]
Release Date: 30 Jan 1993

Files Listing/Introduction/Requirements...................... Page 1
Operation.................................................... Page 2
History/Whats New/Future plans............................... Page 3
Disclaimer................................................... Page 4
License (What is freeware)................................... Page 5
Other Products by MC's This year............................ Page 6

KILLBAK - Version 5.0 Page - 1

Files included in this Zip:

KILBAK.EXE - Main File KILBAK Executable File, Version 5.0
KILBAK.DOC - Information on File KILBAKs Door
FILE_ID.DIZ - Description Text
DESC.SDI - Description Text



- Dos 2.1 or higher
- 80286 intel based machine or higher
(Special requests for pre-80286 machines can be found at the authors BBS)


Welcome to KILBAK, Version 5.0, The ultimate file deletion machine.
By DEFAULT KilBak hunts down and removes ALL files (That you have
write permission on) that end in .BAK. You may also use any other
filename you choose. DOS wildcards are fully supported.

KILLBAK not only spans your entire default drive, but EVERY DRIVE ATTACHED
to your system.... Including networked drives, Its fully compatible
with Novell, 3Comm, Lantastic and many other standards. It even works
on PC-NFS and will span over a UNIX system from your PC. It will NOT
override permissions set on files by the network systems administrator.
You MUST have "write" permission on the files. It will also delete
hidden files. KILBAK has been tailored to meet the ever changing
needs of DOS users. With the increased popularity of CDROM and
network users. KILBAK will now allow you to "SKIP" or "OMIT" whole
drives from the search path. Most CD's are Read Only anyway and
very slow, so this will stop this wasteful search. (Some Optical
drives are read/write)

KILBAK - Version 5.0 Page - 2

File KILBAK Operation

KILBAK works on filename ONLY, so don't try feeding it whole pathnames.
It will span every drive/directory on your machine unless you tell
it to omit a drive(s). KILBAK DOES NOT PROMPT YOU, its automatic,
so be careful. It will also run in color if you have an ANSI.SYS
type driver loaded in your config.sys file. Control Break
checking is enabled/disabled based on if you have your "BREAK"
set to on or off.. "Break On" sets it on, "Break Off" sets it off,
"Break" shows it current status. See your DOS manual for more on
the command "break". Options c - z are case sensitve

Syntax is as follows:

KILBAK [/cdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz] [filename]
KILBAK - Program name, unless you rename it.
[/c...z] - Valid options (which drives are ommited)(case sensitive)
[filename] - Valid DOS filename (Wildcards OK <* & ?>) DEFAULT is *.BAK


Removes all *.BAK on all drives

Removes all *.BAK on all drives EXCEPT C:

KILBAK /c /d
Removes all *.BAK on all drives EXCEPT C: D:

KILBAK *.old
Removes all *.OLD on all drives

Removes all *.OLD on all drives EXCEPT C:

KILBAK /c /d *.OLD
Removes all *.OLD on all drives EXCEPT C: D:

KILBAK /c /g /z /d /e /f
Removes all *.BAK on all drives EXCEPT C: G: Z: D: E: F:




KILBAK Version 5.0 Page - 3

A MC's Place BBS Release

History of the File KILBAK Door Changes [in reverse order]

KILBAK 5.0: 30 Jan 1993
- Re-Written in C++
- Supports and Auto-detects ANSI Color
- Supports and Auto-detects DOS's extended Cntrl C checking
(DOS's Break command)
- If your "break" is on, returns you to starting dir,
when a ^C is detected
- Spans all drives EXCEPT ones specified by the user.
- Can supress single or multiple drives at same time.
- Removed floppy support (waste of time mostly)

KILBAK 4.0: 7 Jan 1991
- Spans Every Drive on system
- Will NOT delete NULL files
- Had complaints on this as some programs need
filenames without size. i.e. PCBoard, WP51 etc
- Takes WildCards as a command line parameter as an option
to *.BAK.
- Different screen output.
- About 50% faster than previous.
- shows number of files and bytes removed
- added floppy support, auto-detects whether floppy is loaded

KILBAK 3.0: 30 Jan 1993
- Deletes *.bak and 0 length files on drive specified

KILBAK 2.0: 26 Feb 1989
- Deletes *.bak on drive specified

KILBAK 1.1: 5 Jan 1988
- BUG FIX was skipping the root drive

KILBAK 1.0: 3 Jan 1988
- Deletes *.bak on entire default drive

Future Plans

- Yes I take requests (version 5.0 "OMIT DRIVES" was a request)
- Win the MegaBucks lottery in Mass. and retire.

KILBAK Version 5.0 Page - 4

These files are distributed under the FreeWare concept - freely
available to PCBoard SysOps. Please Do Not distribute modified
versions without permission of the author.

Do Not remove this notice or any other copyright notice.



You may not reverse-engineer, disassemble, modify, decompile or create
derivative works of this programme. Piracy has been investigated by the
FBI and prosecuted under federal statutes. Applicable law provides for
damages and recovery of attorney's fees. Distribution of any MAC's
Place BBS Release program's in any medium without its accompanying
documentation is an unauthorized modification. That is a theft of
intellectual property.


KILBAK Version 5.0 Page - 5
The KILBAK program can be freely distributed so long as it is not
modified or sold for profit. If you find that the programme is valuable,
you can send a donation for what you think it is worth.

A donation of $5 is suggested. (This gives me incentive ! to keep writting)

Please Send your contributions to:

MAC's Place BBS
ATTN:John McNamara
P.O. Box 911
Dunn, NC 28335

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions, please contact:

John McNamara - SysOp
Mc's Place BBS
(919) 891-1111 16.8K Dual Std

The latest version is always available for downloading.

File KILBAK Background:

The KILBAK program is written in C++ and was compiled with
Borland C++ 3.1 The C++ language was choosen for writing several
of the MC's Place BBS utilities such as KILBAK because of
its speed, flexibility and great OOPs env.


John McNamara - SysOp
MC's Place BBS
(919) 891-1111 [16.8 DS]

KILBAK Version 5.0 Page - 6

Other FreeWare By MAC's Place BBS

MACFILE2.ZIP 50898 MACFILE V2.0 PCBoard "Roll Your Own File
| Listing DOOR" Lets users create their own
| "ALLFILES" list based on their interests.
| Extreamly simple user interface makes it
| easy to get in and out fast. Auto flagging
| save on LD charges. On-Line Help, more.
| Supports 120 file Directories. Another
| FreeWare Package from MC's Place BBS.
ZAP1.ZIP 1185 01-01-92 Interactive process killer for UNIX
| SYSTEMS "C" source
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YATSCOR1.ZIP 11000 01-01-92 Bulletin generator for EX-10 Yahtzee Door
SOLSCOR1.ZIP 11000 01-01-92 Bulletin generator for EX-10 Solitairre Door
AREA21.ZIP 21761 01-01-92 Areacode Identifier for the U.S.
UPCASE.ZIP 15963 01-01-92 Convert Turbo Pascal key words to Upper Case
MACGREP1.ZIP 11348 01-01-92 UNIX-Like Grep for DOS
MACKILL2.ZIP 19856 05-30-90 Search & Destroy ! A "whereis" type Program
| that prompts you to delete the file. Scans
| entire default drive, wildcards etc. Brought
| to you by MC's Place BBS. FREE From Door 2
MACOPY1.ZIP 14966 03-31-92 MACOPY V5.0 Search all drives and
| directories for a file(s) and copy
| it over to a different location.
| Great for BBS's or large networks,
| save all those "whereis" commands
| prior to copy a file somehwere
MACWHERE.ZIP 15050 03-31-92 MacWhere V5.0 extreamly fast Whereis
| program, Search all drives and dirs.
| Wildcards, pause mode, very fast.
| Don't just search current drive, search
| them ALL in the same amount of time
MACWHICH.ZIP 8282 01-15-92 UNIX like "WHICH" for DOS. V5.0
| Now find out what your about to run
| BEFORE you run it. Helpful on networks
| to avoid running others creations.
| Brought to you buy MC's Place
| BBS and free from door 2
MACWIN1.ZIP 3712 12-27-91 MAC WIN 5.0 for MS Windows 3.0 Increase
| windows performance 5-10 times, by making
| your windows screen writes fly. Transparent
| uses no memory, not a TSR. It makes you
| think you have a new computer. Must have.
| Works with all the favorites, Corel Draw, all
| the games, WinWord, etc. FREE from MAIN BOARD
| A MC's Place BBS release.
HOTDOG31.ZIP 60024 01-01-92 PCB 11,12,14 User Base Management utility
HOWLONG.ZIP 21760 05-31-90 Time the execution of any program.. Great
| for bench marking your programs. Yet another
| MC's Place utility. Free from door 2
HSTUFF41.ZIP 63303 08-30-90 HOTSTUFF V4.1 Popular file & Statistics
| report for PCBoard. A must for PCBoard
| SYSOPS. Brought to you by MC's Place
| Removed Co-Processor specific switch,
| Sorry about that folks
HCOMP40.ZIP 12266 08-30-90 HOTSTUFF Companion V4.0 Strips unwanted lines
| from Files. A MUST for HOTSTUFF or ProWho
| Now strips up to 3 patterns at a time
| Brought to you by MC's Place
EDITPTH3.ZIP 11734 05-30-90 Edit your DOS PATH without rebooting your
| computer. Version 3.0 Brought to you by
| MC's Place. Its freeware
DATEKILL.ZIP 8000 01-01-92 Deletes PCBOARD caller log/any file when it
| gets to be a certain day of the month
CHKTXT.ZIP 33550 01-01-92 Determines Readability of Text files
BOPDIR2.ZIP 18970 01-15-92 he ultimate recursive directory deleter,
| Fast, delete's a directory, any sub-dirs
| and files found in the dirs. Brought to
| from MAIN BOARD. Used to be KILLDIR
BUDMAN30.ZIP 12151 08-30-90 BUDMAN V3.0 DOWNLOAD.TXT file splitter for
| PCBoard twice as fast as prev vers. **vg**
| Brought to you by MC's Place
CALLKILL.ZIP 11000 01-01-92 Deletes caller log or any file when it
| gets to big
MACORG32.ZIP 75606 01-24-93 ORIGIN DOOR V3.1 for PCBoard 14.x
| File history tracing. A who UL/DL that
| file Door, faster than all existing doors
| of similar type. Now scans 1 or 2 files !
| Full screen help, 27% faster, files report.
| New presentation layout, easy to install.
| Nothing is faster. FreeWare from MC's
| Place BBS
MACRM11.ZIP 22357 01-21-93 MACRM V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x - 15.x
| Removes files & descriptions from PCBoard
| directory listings. Handles unlimited
| number of files and dirs. Runs from
| constructed lists of files and dir
| locations. Very fast and safe. Saves tons
| of time when processing large amount of
| data. FREEWARE from MC's Place
EZCOMP20.ZIP 99098 01-24-93 EZComp Version 5.0
| Unix compatible compress/uncompress
| for DOS. Extreamly Fast, true 32bit,
| runs in 386 protected mode, (386+
| required), full 12 - 16 bit support.
| Uses extended/expanded/Xms/Disk for
| extra mem if needed. Supports older
| unix compress, stdin etc..Rel:7/12/92
| FreeWare from MC's Place BBS.
MACSEC11.ZIP 79465 01-24-93 MAC SEC V1.1 for PCBoard 14.x is an ON-LINE
| Security Upgrade Door for your users. Lets
| your users upgrade themselves, without
| waiting for an event to occur. Protect up
| to 50 levels, File or Byte ratio, allow
| 50 levels to be altered. Very fast and
| safe. A MAC's Place BBS release.
| BUG FIX, now reads correct .cfg FreeWare..
MACUP1.ZIP 6800 01-24-93 MACUP V5.0 PCBoard Local File Uploader
| Allows local uploads, handles wildcards,
| appends any dir file as well as moves
| actual file to proper directory. Handles
| multiple description lines also. -VG-
| Another Freeware program from MAC's Place
KEEPCALL.ZIP 11000 01-01-92 Keeps PCBoards Caller logs a a user defined
| Size. Designed to run in an event, you tell
| it what size you want and it will trim your
| callers log to the appropriate size.
| Maintains 64 column integrity

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