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Contents of the JK.DOC file

This doc is for users of JK who do NOT have the full JUDY
(ie: no

Full JUDY users should read JUDY.DOC instead.


JUDY is "personal assistant" software.
Sort of a help-mate, sort of a nag.
She consists of two modules: JUDYK and JK. JUDYK runs in
the foreground, expansive and full featured. JK is slim and runs
concurrently. She is always awake, constantly looking at her watch
and checking it against your schedule. She performs all her
functions while occupying about 8K of RAM, and she achieves
concurrency with an overhead of less than 0.1%.

As her author, I offer you this software as a gift. Take
her home and share her with your friends. I hope you enjoy having
her around.

My expectation is that you'll enjoy her so much that
you'll want more. You'll realize that JK is far more useful if
you have the other side of her, JUDYK, the wide open, full-screen
appointment manager that's symbiotic with the background Judy you
already have.

The full JUDY is pretty inexpensive. You can even try her
out by getting a 'clone' of JUDYK (a limited-time free sample)
wherever you got JK.

For the full JUDY write to:

Staten Island, NY 10302

The price is $29.95 for JUDY: disc, doc, and cloning rights.
Add $19.95 for optional phonebook manager, available June, 1985.

MEMO:Reminder service.

at the prime menu.

This function allows Judy to interrupt you with a message.
Just tell her when you wish to be interrupted (see INPUT TIME),
and with what message.

When the message appears, it interrupts the current
application, until you press or . It is then
destroyed, and the space recovered. Alternatively, you may use
as a "snooze-bar", postponing the inevitable for 5 minutes

Some software inhibits this form of interruption. If
so, Judy waits patiently until she can deliver the message.

MEMO messages are stored in RAM. They disappear on
powerdown or reboot. Long term, permanent messages are created
with JOT/Calendar, but this requires the full JUDY.

REVIEW:Message overview.

at the prime menu.

At any point you may see your pending messages.
Press any key to proceed. Your messages are displayed one
by one. cancels the displayed message. Any other key advances.
When there are no more messages you drop out of Judy.

CLOCK:Move, or toggle clock display.
at the prime menu.

You may want to move the clock display, or disable it.
(Default position and color are configurable.) Just push the
clock where you want it with the cursor keys.
The clock is toggled on/off with the key.

DIAL:Telephone autodialer.
at the prime menu.

This dials an auto-dial modem. It finds and reports a
number from a base of several thousand almost instantly, with
little memory expense.

Default: 1200 baud Hayes, (configurable). You
configure long-distance access and identification numbers, your
home area code, and your AT&T access (for instance "1"). AT&T
access is used to call 800 numbers.
Home areacode allows you to create a 10-digit phonebook
which works when you move, travel, etc.

At the "Dial whom?" prompt, you may enter either a number,
or ditto <">, which redials the last number or name.

A 7 or 10 digit phone number (with any reasonable
punctuation) will be dialed immediately. If 10 digit, it will be
preceeded by long-distance access strings. (AT&T access if an 800

A name is found by searching your phone book. Case is
ignored, <*> & are valid wildcards. An incomplete name
matches a longer one. (ie: "s?m" will find "Samuel"). Judy reports
full name and number if found, otherwise the closest two.
(This feature might be omitted on your version, to conserve RAM).

at the prime menu.

After a call's been placed, Judy will display "HangUp"
rather than "Dial". However, both are always available from
the prime menu ( or ), though only one is displayed.

JOT:Disk Access.
at the prime menu.

This allows you to drop four types of notes onto disk:

Calendar: Appointments, dates, diary notes and reminders.

at the Jot menu.

The full JUDY adds these notes to your schedule and to
the diary she keeps. On the proper day JUDY inserts the message
into JK's memory, as if you'd put it in using MEMO (see below).
JUDY gives full control over viewing, searching and
editting these messages using a handsome 'living calendar' format.
You can add messages through JUDY and have access to powerful
wildcard constructs.

Address:Addresses and phone numbers

at the Jot menu.

The JUDY phonebook software option will provide tools
to maintain this directory, part of which JK uses to place calls.

Expense:Business, tax-deductible, personal expenses.

at the Jot menu.

Judy will simply separate out these date/time stamped
expenses into a text file. Use it to feed your bookkeeping software.

Ideas:Totally freeform.

at the Jot menu.

Everyone needs a heap to drop inspired thoughts, fears and
other epiphanies. This is it.

flashing triangles:

It's OK! This means JUDY must wait before writing to disk.
You don't have to do anything, just don't turn off the computer in
this state or your latest "JOT" will fall into the bit bucket.
If you are in DOS, you can hustle things by hitting [Enter]
several times.

When Judy needs to a time (for MEMO or JOT/Calendar) she
displays __:__ . You fill in the blanks.
She takes 12 or 24 hour time. If ambiguous, she asks '_m'.
You type 'a' or 'p'. (No 'm', no colon.)
Then you accept (any key) or alter (backspace).

Judy starts you on today's date. You change any part,
until you press .
Months are changed by using the Up/Down keys.


The JUDYK program adjusts JK to your system and taste.
If you can't find a JUDYK clone, write to new_functions().
Send us a SASE & disk (or $5) and we'll send you a JUDYK clone.

Or be a sport, and purchase the full JUDY.

HACKERS: Send SASE; I'll mail map of configuration patch.


JUDY depends on her users to help distribute her. No
hitchhiker, she's willing to pay for the ride. The mechanism for
this is called cloning.
JUDY clones are free samples that allow potential users to
try her out. I pay JUDY owners for propogating JUDY, just as a
flower pays the pollinating bee with nectar.
JUDY users are repaid 20% of all orders placed by
recipients of their clones. If the clones are well placed, if they
live for many generations, this could be real money.

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