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Analyze a file and determine which software was used.

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JS-Rec 3.0-By Johnathan Mark Smith
JS-Rec can analyze a file and determine which software package created it. (EX: LOTUS, WORD ETC.).

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Analyze a file and determine which software was used.
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Contents of the JS-REC.TXT file

JS-REC - The file Recognition Utility Program Documentation
(Ver 3.0)

Author: Johnathan Mark Smith


This software and manual are sold "as is" and without warranties
as to performance or merchant ability or any other warranties
whether expressed or implied. Because of the various hardware and
software environments into which this program may be put, no
warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.

The user must assume the entire risk of using and evaluating this
program. Any liability of Johnathan Mark Smith Technology will be
limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of purchase
price. If you find these terms unacceptable, do not use this


As time goes by, more and more Mainframe Systems are being down
sized to run on PC's. One of the biggest setbacks is that the PC has many types
of software which create different file formats, like lotus 123, Word for
windows, PKZIP, etc. So your file may be saved in any one of hundreds of formats
and therefore, you might not know what software created it. The JS-REC utility
will simplify the task of determining which software package created your file.

The JS-REC program must be provided with a file name or
a directory name to govern its execution.

For example:
JS-REC C:\ To get the file type
for a single file.

JS-REC C:\\*.* To get the file type
for every file in a

JS-REC C:\*.DOC D:\*.DOC To get the file type
for every DOC file in
drive C: and then
drive D:. This will not
look into subdirectory.

Option #1: JS-REC can search subdirectorys. By typing a -s on the
command line.

For example:
JS-REC -s C:\\*.DOC

Option #2: If JS-REC cannot identify a file type, it will not display
the file name. If you want to see the names of the files
which JS-REC could not identify,
Then type: -u

For example:
JS-REC -u C:\\*.DOC

Option #3: If JS-REC cannot identify a file type, it will not display
the file name. If you want to see the names of the files
which JS-REC could and could not identify,
Then type: -a

For example:
JS-REC -a C:\*.*

If you happen to find a file format which this program cannot identify,
please contact us so that we can modify the code to recognize that file
format. In return for your assistance in this matter, we may send you a
copy of the updated program for free.


I will keep improving the program if I know enough people are
finding it useful.

My registration policy is very flexible. The nominal fee are listed
in the file REGISTER.TXT. If you don't feel you will get your money
worth of use out of JS-REC, send whatever it is worth to you.

If you are impoverished and can't afford to pay anything,
enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope
and I will send you a registration.

This is not freeware or public domain. Shareware is simply a means
of marketing commercial software. You are required to register if
you intend to use this program after a reasonable trial period.

When registering, please tell me the version number you have
and where you obtained your copy of JS-REC.

See REGISTER.TXT for details.

JS-REC should be registered for the maximum number of copies that
can be used simultaneously at your site. Site fees for commercial
users can be negotiated.

If you register for the full fee, and enclose a Shipping and
Handling fee of $3 I will send you the latest versions of JS-REC and
Some Free Demo's. if you decide to use it after a trial period. I will
also send other File related shareware programs.

Registered version features



Program Abort

Hitting Control-C (or Control-Break) will terminate the program


Permission is hereby given to copy and distribute this program
as long as no more than $5 is charged. It must be made clear to
the buyer that this is only a handling charge and not a
registration fee. You must include all files in their original
unmodified form when distributing this program. .

Permission to distribute may be revoked by the Johnathan Mark Smith
at any time for any reason.


All trademarks used in this document are the property of their

-Johnathan Mark Smith-

Questions or suggestions regarding JS-REC should be directed to the author
at the following address:

Johnathan Mark Smith
2039 85 STREET

Telephone: 718-373-3886

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