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Jump-to-Directory v1.0, change Dir's & Drives easily, forget 's.
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Jump-to-Directory v1.0, change Dir’s & Drives easily, forget ‘s.
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Contents of the JD.DOC file

version 1.0

Jump-to-Directory is a 'CHDIR' replacement that allows you to:

1) Jump to directories on other drives.
2) Jump to any directory with the same parent as the current
directory by means of only a single directory designation.
3) omit the '\' marks in the directory path designation on the

For more info. run Jump-to_Directory with the
commandline parameters of '?' or '/?' or '-?'

In other words... 'JD /?' on the commandline will display a help message.

send any bug reports or program improvement suggestions to:

Dwayne Scribner
917 Mills Ave.
Dumas, TX 79029

-end of file.

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