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Simple batch file menu system that uses 0 bytes memory.
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Simple batch file menu system that uses 0 bytes memory.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMMMENU.BAT 634 253 deflated
CURSOR.COM 22 22 stored
DRAWMENU.BAT 312 178 deflated
GAMES1.BAT 912 345 deflated
GAMES2.BAT 895 341 deflated
J.BAT 726 325 deflated
JMEN.DOC 2510 1313 deflated
JMEN.EXE 3790 2142 deflated
UTILMENU.BAT 589 265 deflated
WORDPROC.BAT 563 260 deflated

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Contents of the JMEN.DOC file

JMEN.EXE documentation

This little tool was inspired by BMENU2-A.ZIP, which I found on Exec-PC
in Milwaukee, 414-789-4210. You may want to take a look.

BMENU.EXE is a little 13K file which is called by a batch file. It then
returns an error code to the batch file, and the appropriate IF ERROR
is executed as dictated by the batch.

I rewrote this from scratch as a similar program with the following
changes: (1) For space reasons, the line in the .BAT file which calls
the program is delimited by commas rather than quotes, (2) that line also
includes the colors to be used by JMEN.EXE, and (3) I blank the screen after
approximately 45 seconds, which BMENU didn't do. I also crunched my EXE
file to a measly 4K. (FYI, to change colors in BMENU, you had to go to DEBUG.
With JMEN, each menu can call the colors of its choice.)

Naturally, there is a certain amount of work involved in writing the
.BAT files which you will eventually use. Your reward is a menu system
as deep and as nested as you wish, with 0 memory penalty upon execution, and
the protection of a non-hardware dependent screen blanker.

I have included all files which reside in my personal directory, named MM.
My main batch file is called J.BAT. Rather than drone on endlessly about
how to use it I suggest (1) you take a look at it and run the J.BAT file,
which will execute JMEN and at least give you a look at things, or
(2) download BMENU2-A from Exec PC (a paid board) for more thorough

After a bit of study, the structure of the .BAT files which call JMEN.EXE
should become rather obvious.

SAFE colors to use on the line that calles the JMEN.EXE file are:
They mean: MenuFore, MenuBack, HiliteBarFore, HiLiteBarBack, and in the
above example will use black and white.

I would be happy to fully document JMEN.EXE and its related theories,
but you know how well ShareWare pays, don't you? If you have questions
or problems with it, Drop Me a Note (CI$, 71555,126, or Exec-PC by the
name of Jeff Parnau). If I get 10 contributions of $7.50 each, I will
actually document it. But I am not holding my breath.

Jeff Parnau
P.O. Box 244
New Berlin, WI 53151
(414) 784-7252
CI$ 71555,126
PGI-Topaz Board (mine) 414-784-6458
ExecPC (414) 789-4210, Jeff Parnau
Suggested Donation:
$7.50 (returned if we don't doc it, but if we get
10 requests, we will.)

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