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Copy one or more files to another directory.
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Copy one or more files to another directory.
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Contents of the JCOPY.TXT file

JCOPY (R) shareware ver. 1.0

Jcopy copies one or more files to a specified destination. If the directory
specified does not exist Jcopy will make the directory the copy the specified
files into it. This is to rid the annoying procedure of manually making the
directory yourself the copying the files to it. I thought of the idea to
make Jcopy when some friends got Microsoft DOS 6. It comes with some new
commands like deltree and move which are nice but didn't have a copy program
that made the directory that its copying to.

To use Jcopy just type "jcopy", the file to be copied (wildcards OK), and the
destination. For quick help type "jcopy" only. Limitations: the files to
be copied must be in the current directory; only singular directories can be
made (For c:\whats\up, JCOPY (R) will not make the directory 'up' if directory
'whats' does not exist.

This is a shareware version of JCOPY (R) and is not the full featured version.
The shareware version:
will not copy from drive to drive(no c: to a: copying)
will not copy over existing files
uses 6.5k blocks to copy
has an annoying "Null pointer assignment" message which does nothing

The registered version:
will copy from drive to drive
will ask if you want to replace an existing file or not
uses 40k blocks to copy
does not have an annoying "NULL POINTER ASSIGNED" message

To register JCOPY (R) just send a five dollars ($5.00) donation to

Jim Hailey Jr.
7239 Creekside Ln
Indianapolis, IN 46250

You will receive the latest registered version of JCOPY (R) and any other products
available. You also be put my mailing list to receive future shareware

You are licenced to distribute the shareware version of JCOPY (R) freely so
long as JCOPY (R) is not modified in any way and this JCOPY.txt is distributed
with it. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Borland Turbo C++ and PKware.

Thanks for using JCOPY (R).
JCOPY (R) is a Jim Hailey Jr. shareware product.

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