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Erases all *.bak files from disk, a must for WS users.
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Erases all *.bak files from disk, a must for WS users.
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Contents of the JANITOR.DOC file

Documentation for JANITOR.EXE
G.S. Cole, Sunnyvale, CA. //25 January, 1988//
CIS:71046,1405 GEnie:KLUDGE

JANITOR.EXE deletes all *.BAK files on a disk. The root, and all
sub-directories are inspected. Names of deleted files will be displayed.
After the entire disk has been processed, a summary detailing the quantity
of directories checked, files deleted, and amount of space freed will be
JANITOR is PATHable, and need not reside on the target disk. However,
the disk you desire to have cleaned must be the current drive. (Safety

Installation & Use:
Place JANITOR into a subdirectory in your PATH, or the current directory.
There are no command options, just type JANITOR, and it should go to work.

Written in Turbo Pascal Ver 4.0, direct trouble reports or comments to
the addresses listed at the beginning of this file.

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