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===== Version 1.01 8/1/91 ==================================================

Added internal archive viewers and operational support for the following
archive formats and archive programs:

ARCA/ARCE (free programs, but limited functionality)
SEA's ARC 6.02
o LZH (was already supported)
o PAK (and therefore SDN)

Greatly improved file copying performance, especially when diskettes are

Fixed bug that caused internal file viewer to blow up.

Fixed bug that prevented effective use of international date formats.

Added "invisible cursor" behavior to support readers for the visually

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

===== Version 1.02 10/21/91 ================================================

Fixed @Print command in file viewer, including calendar displays

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

===== Version 1.10 1/31/93 =================================================

Many new features, performance enhancements, and minor bug fixes.
Major feature enhancements are described below.

Plans display and tasks

Added two-level task planning hierarchy. Each task is now associated
with a "Project". This allows you to focus on the tasks associated
with a single project, if you like. Mouse hit or ENTER while cursor
is on Project area of Edit Task display steps through existing project
list. Project names can also be shown on (and selected from) Main
display, by using 'p' in the format control strings.

Added "Work" tasks, which encompass a span of days, like tasks in
ordinary project planning.

Added successor (and implied predecessor) relations for tasks, so
you can define a task a starting when its predecessor has finished.
Tasks can now be defined as "floating", so they will actually move
in time to satisfy the successor relationships.

Added @Verify command to Plans display, to report automatically
detected errors in project plans.

Added Gantt-chart display as the new default mode of the Plans

Added @Print command to Plans display, so you can print the Gantt


Added multi-object tagging, using shift-left-mouse-button or
shift-ENTER to select. Actions from the Group action list can be
performed on such multi-object groups.

Added (4DOS-compatible) object descriptions.

Added ability to "edit" individual object descriptions from Object
display, including:

File name and class (changing these is the same as selecting rename)



Text description, up to 40 characters

Added ability to display hidden (and system) files in Objects display,
and/or on Main display, as specified in configuration options.

Added new object-logging (disk-logging) scheme using internal cache.
This frees up a very substantial amount of RAM, and should allow
InContext to operate on systems with many or very large hard drives.
Most users will now want to stop using the "Log as Needed" or "-nd"
options, since InContext no longer runs out of memory with large

Find command

Added Find command, which searches entire drive for matching filename
(wildcards *, ? allowed).

Space display

Added @Bytes mode (shows disk usage by directory and directory

Added @Drive mode (allows direct access to other drives).

Changed Space display editing behavior, adding separate "Edit
Directory" display. Includes ability to change path of (i.e., move)

Mouse handling

Allows "continuous scrolling" using mouse alone (use "drumming your
fingers" motion, don't release).

Double-clicking on task name on main display now initiates work in
task context.

Double-clicking on object name on main display now invokes first
defined action (usually "Edit") on object.

Double-clicking on project name on main display brings up Gantt-chart
Plans display of tasks in selected project.

Now supports 3-button mouse. The middle button is now equivalent to
the F2 (Edit) key, except on the Main Display, where it is equivalent
to the F6 (Pop) key.

Provides options for left-handed mouse, control over speed of
double-click and continuous scrolling.

Internal editor and viewer

Added @GoToLine command to move directly to specified line number.

Added text search (@Search/@Next)

Can now mark/cut/paste/delete lines in editor using mouse.

Viewer can now handle almost unlimited file size without error.

Editor can now handle larger files (e.g., 95K in fairly ordinary
640K system).

Editor now makes backup copies of edited files, if backup directory
is specified.

DOS command execution

Added "command stack" recall of last 10 DOS commands (use PgUp/PgDn
after ore xecute).

Compatibility with other software

Added object descriptions using 4DOS DESCRIPT.ION convention, for
compatibility with 4DOS and many other 4DOS-compatible programs.

Updated LZH archive handling to include new level-2 formats, and to
be compatible with version 2.13 of LHA (included in InContext package).

Verified compatibility with new ARJ beta version 2.39, which should
insure compatibility with V2.40, when released.

Updated ZIP archive handling to insure compatibility with PKZIP
version 2.04c.

Incorporated new version of swapping package for compatibility with
DR-DOS Version 6.

Miscellaneous new features

Added dd/mm/yy date format.

Added "fuel gauge" display for file copy, group copy, and group delete

Added "!copyGroup" command. You should substitute the following
procedure definition for your Group "Copy-all" action:

Added "!deleteGroup" command. You should substitute the following
procedure definition for your Group "Del-all" action:

Added !set command, which allows setting values of variables in
procedures. Example:
!set 2 "This string will become the value of variable 2"

Added default values to queries, including the !query command. In that
command, if the variable specified already has a value, it will be
displayed as the default value.

Tab, Back-tab, Control-left-arrow, Control-right-arrow now move
cursor on Main display.

Added proper Control-C handling, including ability to abort file copy,
group copy, group delete, text searches in viewer/editor.

Calendar Creator Plus

As a free bonus for registered users, a very nice file-conversion
program has been developed, which allows InContext users to generate
event lists for Calendar Creator Plus, a program that produces *very*
nice printed calendars. This allows you to maintain your calendar
entries in one place (InContext), yet get the full benefits of CCPLUS.

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