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Global delete with command line options.
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Global delete with command line options.
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Copyright (c) 1986,87,88 Infinity Design Concepts
all rights reserved

Version 2.0

IDCKILL is a shareware program, that is if you find the program
useful and use it on a regular basis, then you should register
your copy of the program. The registration fee is $7.50, which
entitles you to notices of upgrades to the program.

Send registration fees to ;

Infinity Design Concepts
1052 Parkway drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40217

As always, new releases of IDC software products can be located
first on the SoftStone BBS at;

300/1200/2400 baud
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SYSOP - Curt Edwards

IDCKILL is a powerful utility useful for house cleaning
your harddisk, say, before a backup. The program prompts
for a wildcard filename mask. After entering the mask,
the program will expand the mask into a full filename
and redisplay this filename awaiting confirmation
from the user before proceeding. If you answer "Y" to
the "proceed" prompt, IDCKILL will delete every file
in every subdirectory that matches the mask that you

The program is primarily intended for use before a backup.
I get so aggravated during the backup when I see thirty
.BAK files go by, when I know that is just a waste of time
and disk space.

An example.

If you entered *.BAK as the mask, and then
answered "Y" to the proceed prompt, IDCKILL would delete
every file in every subdirectory on thedisk that has an
extension of BAK.


Entering *.* for the mask WILL DO JUST THAT. It
will CLEAN THE HARDDISK. Be very careful, it is a lot
easier to make this mistake than you think !


Command line options:

There are several ways to invoke IDCKILL. The command line
options and subsequent ErrorLevel codes allow batch file
execution of the program.

Normal mode,

Enter IDCKILL alone and the program will come
up in normal mode, where you are required to enter and
confirm all information.

Filemask mode,

Enter IDCKILL filemask. This option will start
IDCKILL and skip the prompt for a filemask. All operations
are displayed and require user confirmation before proceeding.

The [S] option,

Enter IDCKILL filemask [S]. This mode will delete
all files on the disk in all subdirectories that match the
filemask. IDCKILL will display all of it's actions, but there
will be no verify prompt.

The [SV] option,

Enter IDCKILL filemask [SV]. This option is the same
as the [S] option, except you must confirm before any deletions
take place.

The [A] option,

Enter IDCKILL filemask [A]. This option will
completely automate IDCKILL. IDCKILL will NOT show its progress
and will NOT wait for confirmation, it simply proceeds with
the deletions, therefore you MUST make sure that your
command line syntax is correct the FIRST time !

The following table summarizes the options and actions.

Ask for DisplayVerifyAutoexit Command Errorlevel
filename progressaction option on exit
NO YES YES NO filemask 1

Errorlevel codes in addition to those shown above are,

5 = DOS version below 2.0 (program requires 2.0 or above)
6 = Invalid filename on command line
7 = User aborted

Copyright (c) 1986,87,88 Infinity Design Concepts


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