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Copy files maximizing storage capability of recieving disk.
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Copy files maximizing storage capability of recieving disk.
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Intellicopy Ver 01.00.00

This is the first release of Intellicopy. The program is designed to allow
the copy of more files than will fit on one floppy by using an AI grouping
algorithm developed by the author to group the files for storage on floppies
in such a way that the files will be stored on the fewest possible disks
without compression. This effectively means that the user can store a large
volume of files on floppies and easily retrieve any of the files without
waiting for decompression or restore.

This program is NOT public domain. Please read the program information
screens concerning usage restrictions.

The next revision (available only to registered users) will include:
- an overlay version to make better use of computer RAM
- a critical error handler to better handle any hard/floppy disk errors
- an improved grouping algorithm to improve copy statistics

If you are registering this program during the Fall 1989 school semester,
please register this program at the following address instead of the address
provided in the program.

Eric Hartley
Box 932-A
1021 Francis
Knoxville, TN 37916

And finally, to quote a popular wine cooler company,
"Thank you for your support."

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