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Searches for any file, allows serach on attribute.
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Searches for any file, allows serach on attribute.
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HUNTATTR : File/Attribute Hunt Program
Version 3.00, 14-Jan-1987
SMG Software

(C) Copyright 1986,1987 by
Steven Georgiades
All Rights Reserved

Like many other programs available both commercially and in the
public domain, this program will allow to search an entire disk,
including all subdirectories, for all files matching a specified
pattern. What makes this program different is that, in addition to the
file name, it allows you to specify a file attribute to search for, or
a file attribute to disallow.

Command Format:

HUNTATTR /switches [filename.ext]

The valid switches are:

A = Archive Files
D = SubDirectory Entries
H = Hidden Files
N = Normal Files (Not System, Hidden or Read-Only)
R = Read-Only Files
S = System Files
V = Volume Label Entries
+ = Match if the Following Attributes are Found
- = NO Match if the Following Attributes are Found

If no switches are specified, a help message is printed. If no
filename is specified, *.* is assumed.


HUNTATTR /DH (Finds all Hidden SubDirectories)

HUNTATTR /D-H (Finds all SubDirectories that are not Hidden)

HUNTATTR /N-R (Finds all Normal Files that are not Read-Only)

HUNTATTR /N *.COM (Finds all Normal COM files)

HUNTATTR, Version 3.00 Page 2

This software is distributed as ShareWare. "ShareWare" means that
you are granted free license to use and copy this software as much as
you like, within the following restrictions:

1). It is distributed in its original, unmodified form,
including program and documentation.

2). No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution (With
the exception of nominal "per disk" copying charges, not to
exceed $6.00 per disk).

3). The program may not be included with other goods or
services supplied for a fee, unless written permission to
do so is obtained in advance from the author.

You are not required to register your shareware, but if you are using
the program, and find it helpful, you are expected to register.
Registration fees are as follows:

Full Registration (w/full support) ........ $15.00
Basic Registration (w/basic support) ...... $10.00

Please make checks payable to Steven M. Georgiades. Note that you are
not LEGALLY obligated to register, but if you use the software
regularly, you are MORALLY obligated to do so. Aside from easing your
conscience, basic registration will also get you a diskette containing
the latest version of the software (unless you currently have the
latest version, in which case I will send you the next major revision),
a printed version of the documentation (8-1/2 x 11, unless you specify
6-1/4 x 8-1/2), and basic user support, which means that I will work
with you to resolve problems, and will do minor customization. Full
registration will get you everything that basic registration does, plus
full user support, which includes telephone support and all major
revisions of the software for two (2) years from the date of
registration. Fully registered users will also receive new SMG
releases from time to time for evaluation. In return for these
evaluations, the user will receive full registration for the new
software at no charge. When you register, please specify the name of
the program, and the version number.
Note that no support will be given to unregistered users EXCEPT in
the case of MAJOR bugs which preclude the unregistered user from using
the program. I will then do my best to resolve these problems so that
the user may evaluate the software fully.

HUNTATTR, Version 3.00 Page 3

This program is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or
implied, including but not limited to fitfulness for a particular

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other SMG
program, or if you would like to register any SMG Software, write to me
at the following address:

Steven M. Georgiades
SMG Software
701-H South Hayward Street
Anaheim, CA 92804

Or leave a message for me on the Circuit Board:

The Circuit Board RBBS
SysOp: Dave Kleinschmidt
(714) 778-0948
300/1200/2400 Baud, No Fee

All SMG Software is initially released to the public through the
Circuit Board. The latest version of any SMG Software can always be
found there.

A diskette containing all of the latest SMG Software can be obtained by
sending a check or money order for $6.00 to the above address. Make
all checks payable to Steven M. Georgiades. Thank you.

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