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Hard Disk List Utility - ver. 5.1 Print all filenames alphabetically by directory (listing includes Size, Date, Time and Attributes as well). Does a single directory or the entire disk.
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Hard Disk List Utility – ver. 5.1 Print all filenames alphabetically by directory (listing includes Size, Date, Time and Attributes as well). Does a single directory or the entire disk.
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Contents of the HDLU.DOC file

30 May 1990

Hard Disk List Utility
written by

Warren E. Fuller
1211 Holmewood Drive
Pasadena, Maryland 21122

Documentation - Ver. 5.1

This program is extremely easy to use. The purpose of this program
is to get a nice printout of all or part of the files in the directories
and subdirectory. The directories and files on this printout are sorted
alphabetically and includes additional file information (i.e. date, time,
size and file attributes). An option to sort by file name extension is
also available.

Type HDLU at the DOS prompt and an information screen is presented.
Press any key to continue. The user is then presented with a window in
which seven options need to be answered before HDLU can begin processing.
Use the return, up or down arrow keys to move the hilite bar. Use the left
or right arrow keys to toggle between the choices. Type in text answers
where appropriate (i.e. floppy name and path). Once all of the selections
have been made, depress the END key and HDLU will start processing.

The program was compiled and sized to handle a maximum of 512 sub-
directories. It's hard for me to imagine more than that for someone's
home PC, but if you need to have more, leave me a message on one of the
bulletin boards listed below.

If you like the program, then please let me know. If you have any
problems with this program or would like to see some additions, please
leave me a message on my bulletin board, SoftWare Etc. (301) 360-2506
or on one of the following bulletin boards:

BBS Name SysOp Phone Nr.
-------- ----- ---------
SyncPoint Bob Gawryck (301) 529-2584
The Wright Place Ron Wright (301) 882-4481
Programmers Corner Gary Smith (301) 995-3744
The Saloon Mike Trubow (301) 757-9075

The following text describes some of the changes that have been
made to HDLU over the years:

Updates for - Ver 5.1
Version 5.0 had a bug where it crashed if the files in a
directory were in correct alphabetical order before HDLU tried
to sort them. This was corrected in 5.1. Version 5.0 also crashed
if a directory was composed entirely of other directories. This was
also fixed. A small change was made to allow HDLU to work
properly with a Laser Jet; Version 5.0 printed too many lines
per page for a Laser Jet.

Updates for - Ver. 5.0

Versions 4.0 - 4.2 made some minor changes to the program and
upgraded it from Turbo Pascal version 3.0 to 4.0. HDLU Version
5.0 upgrades to Turbo Pascal 5.5 and adds several new features.
A menu has been added to configure the program options. Use
the up and down arrows and return to move from option to option,
use the left and right arrows to change an option (e.g. Yes to
No), type in text answers where appropriate. While in the menu,
hit Escape to exit HDLU or End to start it up. The menu should be
self explanatory.
An option has been added to allow the user to specify that a
floppy is being used and to name the floppy. If a floppy name is
given, the name is written at the top of the listing for the
floppy's files.
Version 5.0 handles 512 directories and 512 files per
directory. KSD

Updates for - Ver. 3.3

This version fixes the bug where the program could only handle 255
files per directory instead of the advertised 512.

Updates for - Ver. 3.2

This version fixes the bug where the page number and header was not
not always printed out.

Updates for - Ver. 3.1

This version was modified to handle both monochrome and color
monitors. The program now will handle 512 files per directory. In the
other versions, I reported a file of zero bytes to be a subdirectory,
this bug has been fixed as well.

Updates for - Ver. 3.0

In my zest to get Ver. 2.5 up, I created a "bug" in the way I handled
"paths". If you used something like "C:\HDLU" as a parameter to HDLU
and the directory \HDLU contain another subdirectory, then you would
receive the error message "Invalid path". If you had used \HDLU without
the "C:" this problem would not surface. With this version, this bug has
been eliminated.

10 April 1986

Updates for - Ver. 2.5

Three enhancements have been added to HDLU by popular request. HDLU
no longer uses an overlay file. This will allow you to run HDLU while
working in another directory. An attribute field is now printed out
along with the file information which indicates whether a file is a
system file, hidden file, read-only file, or needs to be archived. The
listing is now printed in alphabetical order. Because I sort the files
by directory and then do the printing, you will notice a momentary pause
once in a while. I have compiled the program to handle 200 files within
each directory, with 512 directories. If these numbers need to be in-
creased, please let me know.

04 April 1986

Updates for - Ver. 2.0

A bug was reported concerning the use of EXTENSIONs with directories.
This problem is now corrected and directory/subdirectories can now have
the form of FILENAME.EXT without causing any problems.

11 February 1986

Updates for - Ver. 1.5

There were two main problem areas encountered with Version 1.0. One
concerned changing from the root directory to the next subdirectory level
when a disk drive was specified (e.g. B:\). I have corrected this bug.
The second problem came about when the "paging" information did not print
out for certain pages. I have corrected this problem as well.

Warren E. Fuller

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