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The best menu program. Easy to create. Responds with one keystroke.
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The best menu program. Easy to create. Responds with one keystroke.
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Contents of the HDACCESS.DOC file

H. D. Access - The Hard Drive Menu Manager
(C) Copyright 1987 By Alpha Software Laboratories, Inc.

This Version, 5.0, is hereby released as FreeWare. It is NOT
Public Domain. However, there is no charge for this product,
and Nobody else may distribute this product for any charge
whatsoever, except not for profit user groups and bulletin
board systems, which may charge up to $10 for expenses
incurred in the copying and distribution of this product.

How Does H. D. Access Work?

Well, the beauty of H. D. Access is its extreme
simplicity combined with powerful features. It allows
password security for your system, plus totally isolates the
inexperienced operator from the operating system. This
system is SO SIMPLE, we are only going to use less than one
page to tell you enough to get this system up and running!

Getting Started.....

First, copy all the files contained on your distribution
disk onto your hard drive in the root directory. Then, it
would be helpful for you to make a list of all the software
packages you wish to include on your menu system. You need
to know the path (drive and subdirectory) for each program,
plus the name of the executable file used to activate each
program. After you have all this information at hand, simply
log onto Drive C: (or whatever your HD designation is). Then
at the prompt, simply enter MAIN, then hit return. This
brings up the first (main) menu. After entering your name,
use the F1, Menu Maintenance Option. As you come to the
various menus, simply choose all the options, one by one, and
enter all the necessary information. You will notice various
options for passwords, screen colors, screen blanking,
program names and paths, etc. Simply answer all the
questions and options, then in each area, use [ESC] to quit
and save the information you entered. You will be asked
(SAVE Y/N) after hitting [ESC]. Simply hit Y and then
return to the previous menu, and go on down the list of
options..... This maybe sounds a little complicated, but it
is really not. When finished, you will have a tremendously
versatile, easy-to-operate menu system with security features
that can protect your valuable data from unwanted snooping.

If you like H. D. Access, do us a favor and distribute it
widely! We are not making this offer of FreeWare
distribution of H. D. Access to be great benefactors or
anything like that..... We want our name to become a
household word in the IBM compatible software market... and
you can be sure that in the end, we will profit enormously
from this gamble!

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