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GRList 2.0: Graphical file browser with mouse support.
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GRList 2.0: Graphical file browser with mouse support.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

--> Welcome to GRList 2.0 <--

And welcome to a whole new world in text reading!!!

GRList finally ends the drab look of those character-based
text file viewing programs... Welcome to the '90s! Yes, the
dull text viewing utilities like LIST (aka READ) and PERUSE
now have a new dimension... GRList.

And why are we better? Just consider a few of our features:

---- ------ ------
Graphics No No YES!
Mouse Support No No YES!
TrackBall Support No No YES!
Unlimitted Phone Support~ No No YES!


To get started type: GRLIST FILENAME.EXT
(FILENAME.EXT is the name of the file to read)

F1 or the Right Mouse Button gets you online help
ESC or the Left Moust Button exits

The Arrow Keys or moving the mouse Up, Down, Right,
or Left lets you move around the file

~ Phone Support is offered to registered users by collect call. You can
call us and receive support or if you call at a time when we are not
here we'll be happy to call you back collect at a time you wish!

For users with site licenses, phone support is free (calls ARE NOT
collect!) This supports will last for the duration of the site

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