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Replace DOS's chdir command, adds features.
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Replace DOS’s chdir command, adds features.
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Contents of the GO.DOC file

GO.COM (Version 1.4) - replacement for DOS CHDIR command

The CHDIR command has some problems:
1. It only looks for a path in current directory
2. It sometimes requires path names start with the "\" character
3. It only accepts the "\" character for path separator
4. It will not switch to a different drive.
5. It will not match on partial names.

If you are using a keyboard with the '\' key beyond the reach
of normal fingers or like to switch directories without typing
a long string of characters then, this program is for you.


"GO" uses the same syntax as CHDIR except for the following:
1. the leading "\" is not needed
2. the path separator can be a space or ";" etc.
3. A drive can be specified
4. path names can be abreviated.

If the first specified path can not be found "GO" uses the following
logic before giving up:
0. look in current directory for specified path
1. go back one level and look there
2. go to root and look there

If a drive change is specified, GO will verify the drive has a disk
before doing the switch. This avoids getting stuck with DOS asking
over and over "ABORT RETRY IGNORE".

GO allows only two parameters, so works best with trees which
have most subdirectories in two levels.

GO will utilize no screen space if a path is found.


GO -goes to the root
GO DOS -goes to directory dos
GO DOS BASIC -goes to directory \DOS\BASIC
GO D B -goes to directory \DOS\BASIC
GO . -goes to root
GO .. -goes up one level in directory tree
GO A:SUBDIR -same to drive a: and subdirectory SUBDIR
GO B: -switches to drive B:
GO B:S M -switches to drive B: and matches any directory
starting with "S" which has a subdirectioy starting
with "M"


Since "GO" is an executable program it is slightly slower than
the resident CHDIR command within DOS. This is not noticeable
on most hard disk systems or any system with a good cache.
On floppy based systems the load time will be noticeable and
can be avoided by using a ram disk or large cache.
"GO" is very small, so storage space and load times
are much better than other utilities.

Switching between directories can get confusing if you don't know
where you are. The best solution to this problem is to use
the following command in the autoexec.bat file:

prompt $p$g

Now, the path will always show as part of the prompt command.


GO is designed for users who no longer need a shell to help
with DOS commands and want to navigate around a hard disk
as fast as possible. The program D.COM is designed to work
with GO to display subdirectories and utilize very little screen
space. Both GO.COM and D.COM will reuse thier prompt line and
eliminate all blank lines. D.COM also includes search
capibility and is very fast.


This program is submitted to the public domain by:
Jeff Owens
15245 NW Cornelius
Portland, OR 97231
Thanks to Michael Jennings for his valuable suggestions.
Thanks to Chuck Foresburg for finding ram disk problems.

This program may be distributed for educational and personal use
only. Commercial use is verboten; get in touch with the author.


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