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Simple program to navigate DOS directories.
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Simple program to navigate DOS directories.
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A better way to Navigate your Subdirectories.

Version 2.3

GoTo offers you a better way to navigate your subdirectories than is provided
by CHDIR (aka CD). You must supply a path from the root directory to your
target directory, but you only need supply enough characters that will
allow GoTo to distinguish between those with similar names. The magic of
wildcards does the rest. The best part of doing it this way is that no
data files are needed. Put GO.COM into your DOS or UTILITY directory (make
sure it's in your path) and you're ready to go.

SYNTAX: GO [path]

Example: Destination = C:\DOS\UTILITY\TEMP
Type GO d u t

* You can specify a different drive if desired

Example: Destination = D:\TEMP\NEW\PROGRAM\DOS\HOLD
Type GO D:t n p d h

There is no limit on the number of directories deep you can travel.

* If you have 2 directories (or subdirectories) that start with the same
first letter, you will need to supply GoTo with the minimum name
necessary to make the distinction.

Example: Say you have a directory called PCPLUS and another
one called PCSIG11.

You want to change to the PCSIG11 directory

If you type GO P you will wind up in the PCPLUS
directory, same if you type GO PC. However, if
you type GO PCS you will change to the PCSIG11
directory like you wanted. Easy enough?

GoTo is Freeware. It may be distributed freely if you have the
compelling urge to do so. As it has only been tested on my personal
system, however, I can not take any responsibility for any problems it
may cause with yours. If you like it, and it seems to work on your
computer, by all means use it and be quiet.

Mark Hupman
January 12, 1994

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