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Handy DOS utility that will change attributes, search for files, etc.
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Handy DOS utility that will change attributes, search for files, etc.
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Contents of the README file

GO.EXE v5.4

The 7-in-1 Utility Program

for the IBM and compatible

Copyright (C) 1990

by Nick Shaw
BSG Software

All rights reserved.

6 November 1990

GO54.ZIP contains eight files:
GO.EXE Version for color only
README This file
GO.DOC Documentation for using GO
GO.HST Revision list
INFO.EXE Provides information about your system
INFO.C Source code (public domain)
REGISTER Registration form
TST_RES Timing results of the new algorithm

This program is distributed as shareware. This means you have the oppor-
tunity to use and evaluate it before you decide to buy. If you find that you
use it for other than evaluation purposes, then you are obligated to register
the program. Registration is a $15.00 and entitles you to one free update and
information on further updates as they occur. Please support the shareware
concept, I've spent a good deal of time developing and enhancing this program
- your support will help me to continue to help you.

Included with this release is a simple registration form covering both single
user and site licenses.

This program performs the following seven functions:

- Change file attributes (on single or class of files)

- Read attributes of files and/or directories

- Search for specified files regardless of which hard drive they
reside on (file extensions are not required if = .*). System will
also find files which are hidden. RAM and network disks are also
supported. Program will allow you to switch to the directory of
the desired file should you so desire.

- Create new directories and move to them

- Rename directories

- Move files around your hard disk without having to delete them
afterwards. Very fast because no actual disk movement occurs.

- Move files between hard disks (eliminates the next step of deleting
files after the move).

- Remove directories that still contain files and/or sub-directories.
This function will remove all files and/or sub-directories and them
remove the main file itself. It performs the same function as
UNIXs' rm -r command.

- Supports either color or monochrome monitors (the autodetect ver-
sion is still under development).

The benefit of this program is that you do not need to remember seven
different program names in order to perform any of these functions. Using
this program alone will generally save at least 50K when compared to sep-
arate programs performing the same functions.

This program contains any and all information necessary to operate it
efficiently. Simply type GO and the program will display its complete syntax
and all switches. For examples, review the GO.DOC file.

I would recommend putting this file into either your root directory or your
/dos (or whatever you call your directory with your dos/operating system
programs) directory and ensure that you have set a path to it. That way you
can call up the program from anywhere on your system without having to
specify a path. An example of setting a path is:


Specifying the drive ensures that you will be able to access this directory
should you have more than one hard drive and not be on the drive containing
the file and directory. Place you SET PATH command into your autoexec.bat
file thus ensuring proper setting upon system startup.

This program will run on all IBM PC or compatible machines using an 8088,
8086, 80286, 80386, or 80486 processors. It requires at least a CGA color

Starting with this version, there are NO FREE registrations - ALL users who
use this program for other than evaluation purposes MUST register. I have
several hundred hours enhancing and refining this program over the past 18
months and your support will ensure that they continue.

I welcome all comments and suggestions from all users and hope that these
utilities meet your needs/requirements. To register your copy, please send
$15.00 in check or money order to:

Nick Shaw
3 Defoe Court
Rockville, MD 20850

(301) 424-9130

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