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GO to any subdirectory basename (replaces DOS's CD command).
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GO to any subdirectory basename (replaces DOS’s CD command).
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Have you ever wanted to do a CHDIR to a sub-directory that was
nested four levels, and 30 characters deep (i.e.
C:\PROCOMM\DOWNLOADS\UTIL), and didn't want to have to type it
all out? Or maybe you want to go to a sub-directory, where you
know the name of that sub-directory, but can't remember off hand
which directory (or directories) it's buried in? It's happened
to me before, and maybe it's happened to you too. Well then,
GO.EXE is just the program you're looking for.

GO works just like the DOS CHDIR (change directory) command with
one major advantage. It will search through the entire current
disk drive for the directory that you specify no matter how many
levels deep it's buried. Once it finds it, it will place you in
that directory. It also allows you to use wildcard parameters (*
and ?) in the directory name.


GO directory-name


If you find GO.EXE a useful program, then please send me a
donation of whatever size you feel is appropriate. Any donation
will be appreciated and will help in the on-going development of
other such useful utility programs.

Chuck Hamilton
9 Greenway Sq. Apt S-34
Dover DE 19901

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