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Make menus for use with mouse.
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Make menus for use with mouse.
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Contents of the GENRAT.DOC file


This program is designed to provide general mouse support
for the Microsoft mouse. It will provide cursor movement for all
text program. Also, it provides handy DOS housekeeping functions
at the press of a button. The following files should be present:


In addition, you will need the file provided by DOS in
order to customize the mouse driver.

Instructions for use:

As a perquisite first you must have the Microsoft mouse (or
true compatible) and the file mouse.sys in your system's
config.sys. If you are already using your mouse, then this step
has already been done.

To load the driver if you have a color monitor, type:

menu genrat

For monochromatic systems:

menu monorat

You should get a "menu installed" message.

Now pressing the left mouse button should display the
following self-explanatory functions:

Cancel (exit the mouse menu)
Change Dir (activates a submenu created by you)
Dir /w
Dir /p
C:\ (takes you to the root directory in C:)
A:\ (takes you to the root directory in A:)
Format A:
Copy *.* C:
Copy *.* A:
Diskcopy A: A:
Delete *.BAK (gets rids of pesky backup files)
Delete *.*
Check Disk

Some choices can be potentially destructive if you hit the wrong
key, such as format a: or delete *.*. However, DOS usually
awaits a confirmation in such a case.

The right mouse button is much more complex. If you hit it now
you will see displayed the following "generic" menu:

1. Wordprocessing 8. Basic

2. Spreadsheet 9. CAD

3. Database 10. Accounting

4. Telecommunication 11. Windows

5. Utilities 12. Languages

6. Financial 13. Tax Program

7. Data Backup 14. Archival

Choosing one of these options will execute the following
respective batch files:


Pressing both mouse buttons will execute a cls (clear

Now the fun part -- CUSTOMIZING

Wouldn't be better instead of the generic titles to have your own
programs list? Sure! Now there are three ways to do this.

(1) Buy the Microsoft Mouse Language compiler, edit the
genrat.def file, then recompile. Well this is OK, but unless you
already have Microsoft's program you're looking at $25 and 6 to 8
weeks delivery time. This probably won't appeal to the casual

(2) Use a byte editor and manually search each byte string
and replace it with your own. This is fine, but there got to be
an easier way.

(3) Use the script files to do the dirty work. This IS the
easiest way.

Instructions for use of script files:

Simply edit the file change.scr with a text editor then

and the file genrat.mnu will now be converted into your own
customized mouse driver.

In detail:

Call up the file change.scr with your favorite text editor.
It contains a template upon which you may write the names of the
programs you want displayed in the menu and the respective batch
files to run. Place your text editor in "overwrite" mode and
write in your changes. IMPORTANT: You must only edit between
the quotation marks: " " and keep the distance between
the quotation marks their original distance. This is best done
in the "overwrite" mode and NOT using the backspace key to
correct errors (just cursor back and overwrite again). Also it's
easier to NOT use the delete key but overwrite with spaces
instead when needed. Otherwise, you may interfere with the
directions debug needs or change the mouse driver where it
shouldn't be changed. Both are VERY literal in interpreting

For example, change

a 09FF
db "MyProgram1 "

a 0AA1
db "MyProgram2 "

a 0B43
db "MyProgram3 "

To look like:

a 09FF
db "WordPerfect "

a 0AA1
db "Lotus 123 "

a 0B43
db "dBase III "

and so forth. Notice that you have a maximum of 17 spaces, which
you must not go over.

Now change the corresponding batch files, for example:

a 104D
db "BatFil1 "

a 1059
db "BatFil2 "

a 1065
db "BatFil3 "


a 104D
db "wp "

a 1059
db "123 "

a 1065
db "dbase "

Notice that DOS imposes a limit of eight characters for a file's
name (the extension ".bat" is assumed and should not be
included). After you have done this for all your 14 choices, you
are finished with the right button menu and you could run "debug

If you call up the left mouse button menu, you will see an
option "Change Dir". If you choose this you get:


Now you need to edit the script file to list YOUR subdirectories
instead. First you enter the names you want displayed. For
example, you might change the first five:

a 03A6
db "DIRECTORY #01"

a 03BB
db "DIRECTORY #02"

a 03D0
db "DIRECTORY #03"

a 03E5
db "DIRECTORY #04"

a 03FA
db "DIRECTORY #05"

To look like this:

a 03A6
db "123 "

a 03BB
db "123\Data "

a 03D0
db "Archive "

a 03E5
db "Basic "

a 03FA
db "Batch "

being careful to only write between the quotes. This part does
not have to be the verbatim of the subdirectory. For example,
the subdirectory "C:\wp" could be call "WordPerfect".

Second, after filling all the names in you have to supply
the literal subdirectory. For example, you might change:

a 05F6
db "directory #01"

a 060E
db "directory #02"

a 0626
db "directory #03"

To look like this:

a 05F6
db "123 "

a 060E
db "123\data "

a 0626
db "arc "

The first part "C:\" is assumed and should not be entered or it
will cause errors.

After you have edited the template to include all your
custom changes, save the template in text (non-formatted, ASCII)
mode. Now run:

This will create a new, custom genrat.mnu. Note, if you are
using monorat.mnu, change the line "l genrat.mnu" in the file
change.scr to "l monorat.mnu" ("l" is a letter, not the number
1). If you are still foggy about all of this, print out the file
"change.scr" and compare it to the print out of "mychange.scr".


While all reasonable effort has been made to correct any
defects in this mouse driver, you use it completely at your own
risk. The author makes absolutely no guarantee as to the fitness
of this product. You are solely responsible for ANY damages that
you or others incur in the use of this product. If you have any
reservations to this, DO NOT use this product.

I would appreciate any comments for improvement of this mouse
driver and pointing out errors that invariably creep it.

J. A. Smart July 23, 1987 CompuServe EMAIL 73307,2662

WordPerfect, Lotus and Microsoft are trademarks of their
respective companies.

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