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GDEL is a program that will allow you to globally search and delete files in your subdirectories.
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GDEL is a program that will allow you to globally search and delete files in your subdirectories.
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Global Delete


Paul Martin

GDEL.EXE is a program that will allow you to search and delete files
in your subdirectories. GDEL operates in two modes, the first will
just delete files matching a specification in the specified
directory or current directory and all subdirectories below and the
second mode will remove empty directories as it finds them while it
is recursively searching for the pattern specified. This means that
you could tell GDEL to delete all files with the .BAK extention while
leaving empty subdirectories intact or you could delete the directory
D:\TEMP and all subdirectories below it. Since this command is so
very distructive, you will recieve a verification prompt of what is
about to be searched for and deleted where you will have a chance to
abort the command.

The format of using GDEL is:

where /R will allow GDEL to delete empty directories

Some examples of using GDEL are:

GDEL A:\*.BAK Will delete all of the .BAK files found on A:

GDEL TEMP /R Will delete the directory named TEMP and all
files and subdirectories below TEMP

GDEL C:TEST\*.$$$ Will start searching for files in the TEST directory
with the $$$ extention and delete them

GDEL.EXE was written in "C" and is a bound executable. This means it
will run under OS/2 and DOS.

Feel free to distribute this program and make as many copies as
your heart desires, but you must not alter the program in any way
and you must distribute this documentaion file unaltered.

If you find this utility useful, all I ask is that you send me
$5.00 for my effort.

Send checks, money orders, loose diamonds, and of course cash to:

Paul Martin
901-A Ohio Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio

If you find any bugs or have any questions, you can reach me through
USENET at [email protected] or through a local BBS I frequent, called
C.C.C. (513)752-8248, (513)752-1544, (513)752-1542, (513)752-1055,
(513)752-8239, (513)752-0121, (513)752-0730

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