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File search and delete across drives for WINDOWS. VBRUN300.DLL included in this one.
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File search and delete across drives for WINDOWS. VBRUN300.DLL included in this one.
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Contents of the FSD.DOC file

FSD - File Seek & Destroy 1.12

I've gotten tired of using windows and yet having to open
a DOS box to use an old utility for blowing off *.BAK files.
Here's FSD...which has all the functionality of my old DOS
utility but is a Windows app.

FSD is a simple utility program that collects all the
files (up to 2700) on a drive that match a user-supplied file spec.
Files appear in the top window as a match is found (you
can interrupt the search at any time by pressing the Interrupt
button--names of files found thus far are displayed in the left
hand window). If you're just looking for a file, that's the
end of it. Just press the EXIT button when you're ready to shut
the program down.

But, if you want to delete a few of the files, double click on any
name in the top window and moves it down to the bottom (if
you change your mind, double click on the filename in the bottom
window and it moves back up). Click on the Delete Files button to
delete all the files shown in the 'to be deleted' window.

To view file info (name, size, last modified date), just highlight
a file in either box (a single click of your left mouse button).

Use with caution...FSD will delete files without concern for
their intrinsic value to you. We've tried to make it a bit more
difficult to accidentally delete a lot of files--you have to double
click on the one's you want to move into the 'to be deleted' holding bin
and you have the ability to empty it out anytime before you press the
Delete Files button.

FSD is freeware from GMUtant Software
GMUtant OnLine BBS: 703-993-2219


Clyde W. Grotophorst
(703) 993-2239
[email protected]

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